A little bird tells me that a somewhat largish group of workers at a nation-wide law firm took industrial action just the other day.

The same small-winged deep-throat told me that the workers who went on strike are employed via a third-party arrangement through a company named Zabulon Pty Ltd, named after one of the tribes descending from Jacob’s dozen in the best-selling work of fiction commonly known as the bible.


Some say that it’s a tad odd that this law firm uses a labor hire company to employ their workers, given that the said firm has a strongly stated policy position opposing the use of such firms.

I myself would never say such a thing without first pulling my finger out and doing a wee bit of research to establish the facts.


These are they. The facts, that is.

So the question begs, who the hell are Zabulon Pty Ltd, and why on earth are they employing folk who work for a leading Labor law firm?

It’s a damn good question isn’t it sportsfans?

Perhaps the minions of the mainstream media might get off their gilded arses and one day ask the obvious questions that can provide us with an answer.