Well Archie told youse so didn’t he sportsfans?

Picked it in one he did, which of course is no surprise given that our Archie scored 4 tries against the Wests Panthers that famous cold Friday night in September of nineteen hundred and eighty one and in the process both broke the black and red bastards hearts and single handedly sent the legendary Fortitude Valleys Diehards U13 Super A team featuring the sons of Kangaroo legend Norm Pope, straight as a die copper Tony Murphy and a few of his mates, and protected pedophile Rod Boult straight into the finals.

The great man shared his wisdom with all you mug punters last week and tipped you into a 3-leg multi which if you were smart enough to take returned you a tick under seven bucks for every single goldie that you threw into the TAB machine at your local pub.

Yep, as Archie declared would be the case the Cowboys flogged the Dogs, the Broncos smashed the Storm, and the Panthers pipped the Hayne Plane and his late season lovers the Titans, and now the ladder looks just like the footballing genius advised that it would.



If you haven’t yet taken a gander at the crystal-ball gazing column that our far from humble correspondent published prior to round 25 you should, for even though you’ve missed the near 700* interest on your dough this weekend it’s not too late to jump on the Butterfly bandwagon and pick up a bit of easy last round loot .

It’s as simple as shooting fish in a bloody barrel, and as an added bonus Archie has thrown in an extra tip and let us all in on the secret that the Storm will brain the Sharks and nail the minor premiership.

Boom, boom, boom, bucks, bucks, bucks, JT’s Cowboys are the bloody duck’s nuts.