There’s nothing like a bit of truth in politics is there sportsfans, especially when it comes from a union boss who knows at least 27 Ways to slash his membership base, and 28 in each leap year.

I guess it’s not surprising that the failed lawyer who’s spent a union lifetime sitting on his shiny arse in head office can’t find a way to arrest the membership exodus from his dud outfit that attempts to recruit new members via remote control and fancy slogans.



After all, The Services Union boss – who lives in Virginia, in the federal seat of Lilley, just down the road from Swanny’s office – thinks he’s actually resting his inertia-weary head in Petrie every evening, even though it’s bloody miles away from his hearth and hot water bottle.

Someone buy the poor bugger a map will they?


Union boss Neil Henderson knocks on Redcliffe doors trying to find his own – it’s 10 kilometers due south mate! Just look for Swanny’s office and you can’t go wrong.