Two months ago we wrote an article explaining how the SDA deal with Coles supermarkets was an absolute, unmitigated disaster for retail workers’ and how overall wages would be slashed under the terms of the EBA the second-worst union in the world had struck.

You can read our article right here.

Now we’re just a mad mob wth nothing better to do that philosophise about the big and little issues that we know something about. Some people actually get paid to do this type of thing (momma, where can I get me one of those jobs?), and it has only taken 2 months for one of them to produce an analysisof the grubby deal that has sold workers down the Yarra and upset the Meatworkers Union no little.

We’ll admit that the analysis by the NTEU is a bit more detailed than ours, and the language a tad more academic; but hey, we write for workers, not faux-intellectual university boffins like Smiles,who finds the Geebung dialect as unintelligible as he does common sense.

And yes, the NTEU paper has prettier pictures than our sharp spray, buy hey, they’ve got a big office and state of the art technology at their finger tips. We write our stuff on the back of used TAB tickets down at the Geebung RSL, in between schooners of XXX heavy and trifectas on the Coonabarabran gallopsof an afternoon.

But let’s put all this Flash Harry stuff aside and face the fact – you get it first right here at – all day, every day. So tell your mates to jump on the site and start learning a bit about how the world works. They’ll be able to impress their mates with the breadth of their general knowledge and their incisive insight into the late mail at drinks on a Friday afternoon.

Now, have I told you the story about the cop killer in the Echo Entertainment casino consortium………….