The half-naked idiot above is Peter Malinauskas, the secretary of the South Australian branch of the Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees’ Association – better known as the SDA – and a man rumoured to covet a spot in parliament.

He’s a fair chance too, because the SDA is influential with the ALP, and they’re the union headed nationally by Joe De Bruyn, the zealot who sees the working man as a pawn in the sectarian debate, and hates gays. The word is that  Malinauskas does too, and that he is De Bruyn’s boy, and does his bidding.

Neither of them would know a worker if one bit them on the ass – even though I suspect that behind closed doors they would like nothing more than the bite – but they have just sold every single one of the SDA members in South Australia down the river by cutting a crooked deal with the bosses.

Aren’t they a fantastic mob of assholes?

Malinauskas the absolute scumbag is telling the world that the workers are winners,  because they’ve just an 8% pay increase, and how good is that? Sure, he says, they’ll lose some penalty rates, but hey it’s worth it, because workers end up on top.

Bulls**t. Absolute, unmitigated bulls**t.

Watch the numbers, and weep for the workers who once found power in the union. Here’s the deal that this pair have cut.


Saturday and night-time penalty rates – previously 25% – have been abolished.

Sunday rates – double time – have been cut back to time and a half. Which means that workers will be paid a 50% penalty instead of an extra 100%.

There’s more, but let’s keep it simple and show you the mathematical equation.

We’ll do it in simple numbers so everyone understands.

Let’s use Woolworths in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall as the example. That store’s opening hours are:

Mon – Fri 7.00am – 9.00pm

Saturday 7.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm (weird one that is)

For this simple example we’ll assume that 10 employees are needed to run the store at all times; and each of these employees earn $10 an hour. Here then are the store’s staff costs:

Mon – Fri:

10 employees x $10 per hour = $100 per hour

7am – 6pm = 11 hours x $100 per hour = $1100

6pm – 9pm = 3 hours x $100 per hour x 25% = $375

Total $1475

10 employees x $10.80 per hour = $108 per hour

7am – 9pm = 14 hours x $108 per hour = $1512

Total $1512


10 employees x $100 per hour x 25% = $125 per hour

7am – 5pm = 10 hours x $125 per hour = $1250 

Total $1250

10 employees x $10.80 per hour = $108 per hour

7am – 5pm = 10 hours x $108 per hour = $1080

Total $1080


10 employees x $10 per hour x 2 = $200 per hour

11am – 5pm = 6 hours x $200 = $1200

Total $1200

10 employees x $10.80 per hour x 1.5 = $162.80 per hour

11am – 5pm = 6 hours x $162.80 = $976.80

Total $976.80


$1475 + $1250 + $1200 = $3 925

$1512 + $1080 + $976.80 = $3568.80

The employer has just reduced their staff costs by almost 10%.

Where does the 10% come from?

Workers pockets. The SDA have conned their members. Sold them out.

And Bill Shorten reckons it’s great. Just like he did at Chiquita Mushroomsduring his time as AWU Victorian chief, when the union took a bribe in return for agreeing to their members jobs being contracted out. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the transcript from the Royal Commission.

With friends like Bill who needs enemies.

What hope does any Australian worker have?


The Man Who Sold Out His Members with the SA Premier Jay Weatherill