hendo cuts

They sure do hurt don’t those cuts , don’t they sportsfans, at least in the real world? 

The bloke in the pictures above and below is Hendo, a clown sans red nose whose real name is Neil Henderson, the Secretary of The Services Union, one of Queensland’s larger trade unions, only because most of the others are small.

Here on itsnotnormalisit.com – which Hendo ain’t – we call him The Lawyer Who Couldn’t Cut it It Private Practice, because when he severed his lifelong umbilical cord to the union movement a few years ago (or more correctly, when it was severed for him) and moved to a position as a salaried lawyer in an ambulcance -chasing private legal firm, he couldn’t.

Hendo reckons that cuts hurt.

They sure do, and in particular they hurt the union members whose jobs are lost as a result of the cuts in staff at their workplace.

But they don’t hurt Hendo, whose union lost more than a thousand members under his watch, and in the same year won an award from Queensland’s impotent peak union body the QCU for – hold your breath – the best union recruitment campaign for an initiative by the cheap Hong-Kong kung-fu movie name of – wait for it – ’27 Ways and Growing’.

Go figure.


Perhaps the Qld Council of Unions leadership, in a hurry to get home before the kids finished school after starting work that morning at the ungodly hour of 10am, took a quick glance in the mirror as they were ducking out the door and read the union’s savage decline in membership back the front and mistook the 7% cut in numbers for a corresponding increase.


How else could you explain a campaign with no recruitment plan and no results being awarded such a prize, unless of course the movement has been going so badly that The Services Union’s disappearance of 1103 members – which the union blamed on retirements and the government, but was really because they don’t recruit new members – was simply the best result out of year of annus horribilus for cloth-cap wearing outfits.

Either way it’s not a good look for the union peak body is it?

I suppose it’s just lucky that The Services Union didn’t win the academic award for grammatical excellence, because that would be really embarrassing.