A quick quiz for you sportsfans.

Who do ya reckon heads a company – the Owner and Director, or the bloke that he employs as his Senior Counsel? But yes it is a no brainer.

The fella that runs the show is of course the owner and director, not the paid employee; just the same as Rampaging Rupert runs the News Whatever show, not Terrific Tommy Snowden, his low-level self-confessed keyboard-mashing – and Archie alleged and attested – hack unknown to the deep northern side of 99.98% of the Queensland population, but widely though unwittingly read by those that still buy papers, is a mere minion of Murdoch’s, and the English translation of a marionette as well, which of course is a puppet, and maybe even a muppet too.


After all, who but a fact checking short-cutting cupie doll would claim that Bubbles Borbidge runs the Govstrat government-lobbying show when everyone knows that it’s the Branch Stacker’s outfit, and everyone else knows that the Branch Stacker’s family have run Bubbles ever since Brett was a boy.

For the love of pepperoni pizza Terrific Tommy, it only takes a simple goddamn Google search to find out who heads Govstrat son!


Back in the olden days they called it fact checking my boy, a ne’er a story was put to print until it was proven to be true.

But I guess that in the olden days they liked scholarship and accuracy too.

The type of scholarship that leads a journalist with just a smidgen of investigative nous to look back at the records and realise that Bubbles and his boss the Branch Stacker have being playing a long game in the Casino stakes, and have been playing each side, for oh golly gee sportsfans, just look who the boys were bashing down Can-Do Campbell’s door to support just a short two years ago, when 3 casino licences were up for grabs?

Hong Kong Tony!


Now it was your humble correspondent Archie who way back when broke the news that Hong Kong Tony Fung was a fake and a fraud, long before Terrific Tommy’s troops smelt the roses, and tipped you to the fact that the former Premier and his young salary-paying scion of the family that he generously gifted a licence to print money were playing all sides, in particular that of the glitter and bulldust merchant who weaved an ever-growing web of lies about spending an imaginary 8 billion bucks which he claimed would stimulate the North Qld economy by doubling the region’s tourist numbers faster than a 19-year-old hooker could get a 50 year old virgin fully erect.

Of course HKT was playing a double blind, and it would be very, very surprising if his highly paid government palm-greasers from Govstrat didn’t know it, particularly given that they switched horses at the last minute and all of sudden were spruiking the soon after successful Echo Entertainment consortium filled with all manner of miscreants for the newly created Brisbane Casino licence.

Now a close examination of that particular consortium and the dodgy characters inside it would make for a real story, but that would take a wee bit of elbow grease, a bit of research and half a clue about how the real world works wouldn’t it? But I’m just not sure that Terrific Tommy would be up to the task.

Perhaps he could delegate it to the fella that heads the Courier-Mail.

The janitor.