There is dark and evil in this world perpetrated by a few, but so much more love and light emanates from so many more.

Les Jackson, father of Tom.

Down at the Bunger this evening the Zillman Waterholes bar is awash with tears, for a true hero is dead.

Tonight we stood silently for not one, but two last posts as every Barry in the Sportsbar and Pearl upstairs in the pokie lounge clasped their hand to their heart and paid their respects to Tom Jackson, a man who would hold his own in any bar in Geebung.

After the oath Kevvie pronounced that he has posthumously granted this brave, brave man Geebung citizenship and the key to the suburb. He received a standing ovation.

There should be a statue of our Tom in every Sunburnt Country town, and primary school kids should be taken to stand before it and told ‘This is the sort of man the ANZACS were’.

And an effigy of his murderer – whose name shall never be spoken at the Geebung RSL – should be hung from a tree in every street.

May you fly upon angel’s wings Tom, and may eternal peace be yours.

tom jackson