Kaboom! – Part 1 – Archie Told You That Stuart Robert Was a Crook at Least a Year Before the Mainstream Media Woke Up to the Fact – Not That the Butterfly’s Boasting or Anything

The Butterfly Scoops the Mainstream Press Again – Twice in One Day – The Mad Dude’s on a Roll


Queensland’s favourite daily fish and chips wrapper the Courier-Mail (you’re always favourite in a field of one) splashed a story all over its front pages this morning about a company named Nimrod Resources, and its highly dubious links to the Liberal Party of Australia, in particular to a certain Gold Coast MP named Stuey Robert.

The Murdoch Rag revealed that the owner of the company, a shady Yid cove called Paul Marks, had donated $2 million bucks to the Liberals over the past 2 years, and in return had been granted a lucrative mining lease out the back of Bourke in extremely suspicious circumstances.

“Yawn!” I hear you say, “Archie told us all about this more than a year ago. What’s with that Courier-Mail and their reporters, are they asleep at the wheel or something?”

Well sportsfans, I’m not the usually the type of tyro who enjoys mauling a Murdoch vowel-mangler. but you’re spot on because I tipped you to old Marksy and his Nimrods exactly a year and 5 days ago, on the 3rd of February 2015 to be precise.


But that’s not even the half off my friends, because I also gave you the late mail on exactly why Marksy and the Nimrods were splashing such huge amounts of cash at Turnbull’s Tories – they wanted that mining lease out the back of Bourke.


You simply have to pay that one don’t you hey?

Even our greatest critic, the lovely London Lizze, who can’t stand to see her stablemates stampeded by a Butterfly, would have to acknowledge that a wee little blogger from Geebung nailing a tale a year before the paid full-timers ain’t too bad an effort, waddya reckon London Liz?

But there are a couple of things that the reporters from Rupert’s rag missed.

One is the invisible hand of Keithy, the dodger who once upon a time was a Cairns newsagent turned Treasurer of Queensland, and has since become as rich as Croesus by virtue at his skills in facilitating the Chinese theft of publicly owned Aussie water.

Keithy, the former chairman of the board and chief Nimrod, is up to his neck in the Back of Bourke mining deal, don’t you worry about that, and if Keithy doesn’t have a substantial portfolio of shares in the venture then I’ll walk naked backwards from the Bunger RSL to Bourke, and then hop on one leg all the way back again with my slug swinging in the wind.

I’ll make sure I piss in the river while I’m out there too, because water’s what this game is all about, billions of megalitres of the stuff that Nimrod and their communist party partners need to operate their newly gifted mine. And guess where the water’s going to be coming from? No the answer’s not the sky smart arse, it’s the Balonne and Warrego Rivers, Queensland’s feeders into the Murray Darling basin.


It’s our farmer’s water sweethearts. Good old Aussie H2O, stolen from right under our eyes by a sleight of hand, or more correctly a corrupt water allocation that robs the liquid gold from hard-working farmers from Western Queensland and NSW, and diverts it into foreign hands so that the foreigners can use automated mining techniques and specially imported Mandarin-speaking labour to rip the riches from our golden soil and send our wealth for toil to a bank in Bermuda, from where’s it transferred through half a dozen different tax havens before landing at its final destination in an account in the Virgin Islands.

Who are bloody Nimrods at the end of the day hey? They don’t all just work for the Murdoch press, I’ll give you the tip.

Here’s looking at you kid.

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