The World’s Worst Union – our old mates the Services Union, the mob being run into the ground by the hapless Lawyer Who Couldn’t Cut It In Private Practice – are all het up about the Australian Industry Group’s submission opposing the introduction of Domestic and Family Violence Leave.

And so they goddamn should. Any boss that doesn’t grant a staff member who is a victim of domestic violence leave is a bum, an absolute bum, and don’t you worry about that.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers aren’t bums – they support the introduction of the entitlement of a bashed woman and men to paid leave so she or he can get the f*ck away from the boxing ring in which she or he and her/his kids are the hamstrung punching bags (and don’t for a second think that violence is gender exclusive or you’re simply a fool).


But it does mean that the members of the Pharmacy Guild, the National Farmers Federation, the Aged Care Services Australia Group, the Australian Chamber of Commerce, the AIG and others who oppose the introduction of Domestic and Family Violence Leave provisions into national awards are bums of the highest order, although I personally reckon that it’s the Trump lovers at the top of these organisations that are leading this affront to common decency, not their members at the bottom to the totem pole who probably don’t have a clue about what’s going on and what it all means.

In fact, I don’t reckon that any of these organisations could get a grass roots member to stand up before a camera and publicly give the middle finger to the women and kids whose lives are inexorably affected by the violence they experience in the very place in which they should feel forever safe, their own bloody homes.


So given this immutable truth, it is a travesty that the hapless The Services Union – note the passive noun that forms the name rather than an active verb – have elected to counter the technical arguments of the Ebeneezers by attacking their ‘false assertions’ by falsely asserting, implicitly at least, in their visuals that the union’s members are giving the deniers the thumbs down.

I’m sure the members do indeed, but it seems that just like the employer groups on the other side of the debate the World’s Worst Union can’t summon a single grassroots member to support their worthy submission, and instead must stoop to squibbing stock images off Shutterstock to image pretty their website articles.

False assertions?

Puh-lease people. Surely the union’s members deserve better than that.