It’s the fundamental question isn’t it, and the one that will land the odious Mr Tostee in or out of jail for the term of his natural life, either peering up through bars at the little tent of blue which prisoners call the sky or alternatively stripping off his designer label t-shirt and roasting his steroid raised muscles turned to fat under its blazing sun.

That Tostee is an absolute c*nt is beyond debate. His actions and the words he recorded by his own hand speak for themselves.

But does his odious nature and his despicable deeds make him a murderer? That’s the conundrum facing the jury, and it’s a puzzle that I for one don’t believe for a minute can be resolved beyond any reasonable doubt.

Which if I am right of course means that Tostee walks.

And if he does then narcissistic young Gable should get down on bended and thank God and Allah and Buddha and Krishna and the Universe and the Stars and – most particularly -the ineptitude of the Queensland Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions who in my estimation have laid the absolute wrong charge against him, and thus guaranteed the deluded wannabe Romeo the opportunity to swim in the deep blue sea once more, unless of course a posse of Maori gang-bangers catches up with him first.

How on earth the DPP came up with a thesis that by locking his clearly violent and alcohol-crazed one-night-stand on the balcony he was then responsible for her attempting to climb off the edge, and in a bare instant falling to her death, is anyone’s guess, and intelligible only to those who dreamed the charge up.

Sure there is a causal connection between the two events, but it is no more pronounced than the causal connection between the poor girl’s intoxicated state and her ill-fated decision to clamber over the ledge and try to end up who knows where?

There is very little – if any – evidence that has been presented that convinces me that she was in fear for her life at the hands of Tostee. In fact if anything the converse is true – it was he who was the victim of unwanted violence perpetrated by the deceased, not she afraid of him.

This whole case, just like the prosecution brief against alleged McCulkin trio murderer Gary Dubois (more of that later), is an absolute balls up in my humble view, and although the pundits who hear 30 second sound grabs on the news will be well and truly up in arms as Tostee walks free with a smirk and a smile through the Supreme Court doors, the inevitable ‘Not Guilty’ decision of the jury will be the correct one to the charge the DPP decided to lay.

And all the while a wee Kiwi lass lies cold in her grave, and her parents tears will continue for years to scorch the sodden earth.

Tinder: Dry, flammable used for lighting a fire.

There’s a tragic salient lesson in that for us all.