Retired Assistant Commissioner Greg Early (right). The long-time next door neighbor of Kevin Lynch is pictured here in his role as President of the Retired Police Association with current Police Commissioner Ian Stewart (left).

The early bird gets the worm wise men say, and ain’t that the truth?

If you don’t believe me just ask Queensland Police’s teflon man Greg Early (above) the one-time stenographer who worked as a right-hand man to every corrupt Queensland Police Commissioner from the kiddy-fiddler Frank Bischof – the infamous Father of the Year who didn’t have any kids, except when he was having in sexual ways the unfortunate youngsters whose school principals like Max ‘pissed as a fowl’ Howell from Grammar had sent them the road had sent the down the road to Uncle Francis  – all the way through to Terry ‘little fish are sweet’ Lewis and has never had a glove laid on him by any commission of inquiry or other investigative tribunal.

Either Early is deaf, dumb and blind and didn’t see a single sordid thing that was going on all around him (option 1); or he is as clean as a whistle and was just unlucky that he got stuck working with all these crooks in their office and taking their shorthand notes, which by the way just so happen to have a 65 year suppression order on them, funny that (option 2); or he was a secret whistleblower, and it wasn’t just allegedly honest Commissioner and proven bible-bashing happy-clapper Ray Whitrod that he dogged and sold out, but Lewis and friends too (option 3); or he was tied up with the pedophile gang’s photo man Clarry Osborne – whose position C*ntstable Dave Moore assumed after his death and still holds – and had the dirt on everyone, including the most senior figures in the judiciary, government and in the big joint at 168 Fernberg Rd, Paddington, and thus had an unofficial but gold plated immunity from criticism (option 4); or maybe there’s an option 5 that I don’t know about, and perhaps Oscar Pistorius is going to ride The Cup winner this year too.

Of course it was just coincidence that Early for decades lived next door to arch-pedophile Kevin Lynch, and was great mates with the evil child molester.

And Lynch was surely lying when caught on a hidden police recording boasting that he had police protection to a young bloke he raped when the kid was underage, and when telling the lad that if he got into trouble with the law Lynch could get his mate the Assistant Commissioner to have a chat to the prosecutor and fix the case.

It’s just plain damn weird though that Early was an Assistant Police Commissioner at the time the unsuspecting Lynch made these claims to the kid, unaware that his rape victim – who by the way he tried to lure naked into a shower during the conversation – was wired up and connected remotely to a police recording device.

And even weirder still that no police investigation was ever conducted into Lynch’s alarming assertions that his pedophile activities were being protected by the second highest ranking police officer in the State, who regularly perverted the course of justice and even jacked up fake investigations and interrogations to scare off potential complainants, just so Kevin could continue to root pre-pubescent boys and measure and take photographs of the sizes of their dicks, presumably just for research purposes.

Only in Queensland hey sportsfans? Corrupt one day, as rotten as f*ck the next.


Anyway I’ve digressed from my main point, which is that the early bird gets the worm and Archie got one this afternoon when senior QR manager Kevin Wright was stood down after the publisher of ItsNotNormal gave us the nod to put our exclusive story about Wright’s seemingly irreconcilable conflicts of interest to print. Boom! See ya later baby, you got it wrong Mr Wright and now it’s good-night.

But as wrong as Wright is, he ain’t the glue that holds the QR organisation together and has been cast into the darkness as the fall guy for the head honcho – or should that be honchess? – Helen Gluer, who pretty soon I suspect will be going to Hel ‘en back when she cops the sack, most likely a few hours after we publish our next exclusive tale about the blood on the tracks and the kids left stranded on the station stairs.

Watch this space sporstfans.

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