protectAn image of an innocent child taken by the predatory pedophile REDACTED and featuring prominently on the pervert’s website – but the hapless DPP knew nothing about it

The picture above was taken by an evil looking sick f*ck pervert named REDACTED, the living proof of the old adage that a picture tells a thousand words, for he is charged with eleven child sex offences against young girls, two of the counts for molesting pre-pubescent kids under 12 and the other 9 for interfering with teens under 16.

This bloke is no good, no good at all, and will inevitably end up in the protection wing of a Queensland prison in a cell with a nameplate above the door reading ‘Rock Spider’.  We can only hope that a right-minded former meth addict with an attitude and steroid-pumped pecs finds the protection wing cell door accidentally unlocked one day and wanders in to deliver a bit of old-fashioned Geebung justice to the pedophile with the incurable personality disorder that renders him unable or unwilling to know right from wrong, or care even if he does.



Reckon that’s harsh? You’re obviously not a child sex abuse victim who has had a large part of their lives stolen from them by a devil in disguise and loathes liberalism as it applies to psychotically demented sicko’s with perversions that can’t be purged, and until you are prepared to sacrifice your own child at the altar of one of these wretched rapists and then set him free I strongly suggest that you are not qualified to comment.

That’s not the plot of this tale however. There’s a pedophile bred or raised every day unfortunately, and I have no answers to the conundrum of how to eradicate them other than the death penalty, but you can’t apply that to the kids who clearly display their evil within early in life and go on to graduate to a professorship in perversion, so I admit candidly that I don’t have a clue what to do other than love your kids with all your heart and make it your absolute number one  priority in life to keep them safe from harm during their developmental years, just as me and my fellow abuse victim the Twirler have done, and will continue to do for our grandchildren to come.

That and to rely on the efficacy of the government officials who are mandated with the task to keep our kids safe and paid from the public purse to do so effectively.And therein lies the problem. Those we trust to help us protect our children from the predators roaming our streets and schoolyards are letting us and them down. Badly. In some cases with fatal consequences.

Just ask poor little Tiahleigh Palmer when you one day in heaven meet the angel with the sad, shining eyes who while supposedly being kept safe in state care was preyed upon by savages and sexualised at the tender age of just 12. And don’t delude yourself for a moment that Tiahleigh is an isolated example, for there are thousands just like her, kids whose innocence has been stolen away and are dying a little death each and every day until one morning they don’t wake up in the cold grave that has for so long been the destination of their tortured journey through what those of us more fortunate call life.

Which brings me back to the c*nt whose vile visage features at the top of this page, and the monstrous failure of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, which for a year and a half after he was charged and bailed on charges of sexually violating these young children – and in the process almost certainly slicing open their souls – allowed this pervert REDACTED to continue practicing his profession as a self-professed ‘artist’ taking photographs of little girls.

The DPP didn’t know what he did for a living you see, despite the fact that a simple Google search of his name immediately brings up as the 1st result his professional website, replete with the thousands of highly-sexualised pictures he had taken – and has continued to take whilst on bail – of little girls with unsuspecting parents oblivious to the fact that the man behind the camera was a predator inevitably destined for a long stretch behind bars when he finally came to trial for his filthy crimes.

The parents didn’t know because the DPP hadn’t told them.

The DPP didn’t tell them because the prosecutors didn’t know.

God only knows whether the police knew or not. But if they did, they presumably didn’t tell either the parents or the DPP.

The presiding judge didn’t ask.

The defence lawyers, if they knew, didn’t tell.

REDACTED certainly didn’t. Why would an evildoer without empathy for others, even tiny kids, want to curtail his pedophile pleasures?

So thus by virtue of an unthinkable act of negligence on behalf of all involved this absolute piece of sh*t walked free on bail without any conditions preventing him from continuing to snap sex-laden shots of seven year olds in leotards, free to do what it truly is that his black heart desires. To perve on little girls, take their pictures, and – God forbid – perform unthinkable acts upon their person.

It is an absolute f*cking scandal and a goddamn disgrace, but even more so it is an act of child neglect, and hard questions need to be asked and heads must roll.

And if one single hair on any child’s head, or anywhere else on their body, has been touched by REDACTED since he walked out of the courtroom on bail free as a bird to continue his craven pursuit of sweet, innocent kids then charges must be laid against those who allowed this to happen; for if they are not then what are we as a society saying that the lives of children like Tiahleigh Palmer, and Daniel Morecombe, and Sian Kingi, and the countless others who have been stolen away by pedophile predators really worth?

Not very much at all.

The release without conditions of REDACTED isn’t an error of omission, it’s a travesty: a massive failure of the State’s responsibility to those too young to be responsible for themselves. And if the State cannot care for our kids, and keep them safe from those we know wish to do them harm, then what hope do they have?

You know the answer to that.

Not very much at all.

And what type of civilised people would that make us?

You know the answer to that too.

Not very much of one at all.