Each of the photographs published in this article have been taken by the alleged pedophile REDACTED, a man who 18 months ago was charged with 9 counts of indecent dealings with children under 16, and a further 2 counts of indecent dealing with children under 12.

These photos have been published by the accused child molester on a global website named Deviant Art, and they and other concerning photographic examples of his deviant tendencies expressed by REDACTED decision to take and publish such images to the world at large can be found on that site by clicking here.

To the best of this author’s knowledge none of these photos were tendered as evidence by the Public Prosecutor when the man facing these serious charges of sexually interfering with little girls faced the District Court in Queensland this week.

We are unable to explain this gross failure of the prosecution to tender the images as evidence that REDACTED should either be locked behind bars until his trial, or banned absolutely from any contact with boys and girls under the age of 18. It is simply an unfathomable mystery, and once more the children of Queensland have been abandoned by the State and left at the mercy of a maniac with a demented sense of right and wrong and the means to practice his perversions at will.



It is regret that we publish these images, however the publisher of ItsNotNormal, who is a 16-year-old young woman herself, has made the decision that given the failure of the DPP it is in the public interest, and more importantly in the interests of vulnerable children, to put the facts about REDACTED photographic fetishes before you.

Similarly the publisher has decided to reproduce in our next article a series of what each of us in the ItsNotNormal team consider disturbing images taken by others of young woman, some of them featuring nudity, that REDACTED has published on the Deviant Art website and declared to the world are his favorite photographs.

In making this decision the publisher wishes to stress that the images reproduced are already in the public domain, and readily accessible by any user of the internet.  It is our view that the importance of drawing public attention to the state of mind of an accused child-abuser who the courts have allowed to continue to have contact with children and capture their images outweighs the other matters considered in making this decision.

Any accused child sex-offender who with a preternatural in nude or sexually suggestive images of young girls in our view without any doubt presents a clear and ongoing danger to each child that he comes in contact with, and without any equivocation we say that REDACTED must be recalled to the District Court so that the presiding judge can make an informed decision regarding the alleged offender’s ongoing eligibility for bail with all of the relevant material put before them.

If keeping our children safe is not the paramount priority of the State, then what type of civilised society are we? Not much of one at all.