Paul Wallis is a Director of Queensland Rail originally appointed on 1 July 2014 to a three-year term by the Shambles Newman-led LNP Government, and subsequently reappointed just last month to a further three-year term by the tragi-comic Marcel Marceau of the Queensland Ministry ‘Pounds’ Stirling Hinchliffe, who is without any doubt presently the most hapless man in the whole of the Pineapple Land. at the time of their respective decisions to appoint him to the role in charge of the state-owned organisation that manages $6.billion plus in assets and boasts revenue of nearly $2 billion a year.

Arup Pty Ltd is a company that, according to the QR annual report published just a matter of weeks ago, has received nearly $3.2 million over the past 2 years that Wallis has been a Director of QR in consultancy fees from …. guess who?

QR of course.



These fees were paid for consultancy services that Arum Pty Ltd provided to QR on major projects such as an analysis of the Dakabin Rail Precinct under QR’s Rail Network Prioritisation Framework. This long-winded bureaucratic title is simply a code word for a study conducted by Arum Pty Ltd that finds that the organisation needs a further study to be conducted by Arum Pty Ltd, ensuring a steady flow of capital through that company’s books while hundreds of passengers stand on the Dakabin platform waiting for services that never come.

The consultancy services Arum Pty Ltd were contracted to provide – and paid millions for doing so – were approved by the QR board’s Major Projects and Procurement Committee.

Just for fun take a wild stab at the name of the Director who chaired that committee and attended 100% of its meetings during the past 12 months?

Did I hear you say Paul Wallis? The man whose company benefited from more than $3 million in consultancy fees approved by the committee he chairs?

You’re a genius.

The bloke’s a venal fiend.

The people who appointed him are either crooks or morons, and in both Shambles and Pound’s cases probably – nay, almost certainly – both.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Corruption and outrageous wholesale conflicts of interest resulting in material benefits to Board Members and a number of the Management Team at QR have been rampant, as a detailed analysis of the QR accounts will clearly demonstrate.

After our initial expose on the massive rorts being pulled inside OUR company using OUR money former Chairman of the QR Board Michael Klug jumped 2 weeks ago before he was pushed.

Klug probably imagines that he has escaped scot free, and that the 3 coconut trick he pulled a couple of years ago by resigning from his l0ng-held role as a Director of law firm Clayton Utz at the same time he was appointed a Director of QR – and then immediately becoming a consultant to his long time  firm, and thus slithering through the cracks of the corporate disclosure of related party transactions requirements (or so he thought) – would protect him from public scrutiny about the millions of dollars QR paid to Clayton Utz for calamitous legal advice on such things as the High Court challenge to a cost of living pay increase for the dwindling pool of over-worked train drivers.

He of course was wrong.

He didn’t know that Archie was watching, and ready to toss what I know about his massive conflict of interest and the correspondingly obscene amounts of money paid to his law firm on the table.

Which forum do you imagine was responsible for ticking off on the hugely-flawed legal strategy and the deep pits of money paid to fund it’s abject, massively expensive failure?

You said the bard didn’t you?

Once again you are bang on the money.

Klug attended 100% of the meetings in his capacity as chair while the rivers of public gold were flowing.

The Queensland taxpayer is being absolutely robbed blind. Money is being funneled corruptly into the pockets of a greedy few who engineer it’s travel from the public purse to the pockets of they and their friends and associates every minute of every day.

Meanwhile, as our pockets are being picked, our kids can’t even catch a direct train home after school.

It’s an absolute f*cking scandal, and it’s time that the CCC were brought in to investigate and charges laid against those responsible for this appalling misuse of public funds for their own or their company’s benefit.

We warned you about ‘Pounds’ Stirling.Hinchliffe didn’t we? One day you’ll learn. We weren’t always mad, and back in the days when the world was wide we were members of the class that has now graduated to run the state and the country.God help us all.

But first let’s go through these crooks like a dose of salts and get our bloody money back.

And maybe then with the public purse again full we might, just might, start to get the trains to run on time like they did in the days when corporatisation was simply a word the people who cared about the safe on-time running of the rattlers couldn’t spell.