Bet you didn’t know that Archie’s fanmily had changed his surname from Kennedy during prohibition, did you?

I want to die a slave to principles.

Not to men


It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Emiliano Zapata

We regret to advise that for legal reasons we are unable to publish any further reports on current proceedings in the Supreme Court trial of Mr Garry Dubois on 6 charges relating to the 1974 disappearance of Barbara May, Barbara Leanne and Vicki Maree McCulkin.

No correspondence relating to this issue will be answered, so please do not send it unless you have a kinky, perverse desire that your name, address, email, phone number and full life story are recorded and investigated by the Queensland Police Officers or staff who are now assiduously monitoring this site.

Similarly, please be aware that any telephone communication to or from any person associated with this site is likely to be monitored by a third party. In these circumstances we urge that your descriptions of sexual encounters with consenting partners are described graphically and at length, in the manner that the Bead Twirler has been detailing at length to our principal author this morning via text her long-suppressed fantasies about group sex with uniformed men and women.


No the Twirler’s fantasies were not about the Archbishop – they’re simply close long-standing friends with a common love of God,  a bond of service to the church and a shared love of righteousness and truth

They weren’t about Helen Clark either – you don’t have those type of thoughts about your kid’s godmother – the pair have been comrades for 40 years since their young Labor days in NZ. That’s the Twirlers auntie in the background: she’s an MP, and of course David Tua’s cousin too.


Donations to a fighting fund to defend any fabricated allegations that may be laid against the publisher, authors or any person associated with this site for any reason from this day forth are warmly welcomed. Please place cash only in the hat marked ‘Freedom of Speech’ that Kevvie has placed on the XXXX beer mat on the public bar of the Zillman Waterholes saloon at the Geebung RSL.

It’s the one sitting on the blank piece of paper marked ‘QPS Criminal Record of Archibald Jeebung Butterfly’, and next to the various awards, commendations and letters of appreciation with that author’s name written upon them at the top, including those from former and current Prime Ministers, Premiers and Mayors of various nations, states, cities and towns including the Commonwealth nations of Australia and New Zealand.

We wish to publicly state our thanks to the supporters of this site who have kindly donated, and this morning installed, the various covert surveillance devices at the homes of our publisher and authors.

These  hi-tech devices will be used to ensure that in the event of any unwanted and unwarranted visits to their homes or work places by strangers, clear evidence of the events that occurred – or more importantly, did not occur – is available to provide to the appropriate authorities. This material evidence of the donor’s commitment to an open and democratic society is noteworthy and much appreciated.


It is also a reminder to us all that the freedoms we enjoy in this vast wide brown land – freedoms that my great-grandfather and his sons fought and died alongside many of yours to defend and protect – come not for free, but with a price that all Australians must pay if we wish forever to enjoy them.

The name of that price is Eternal Vigilance.

Lest freedom’s defenders ever forget it.


Don’t let ’em get you down Archie – sage advice from a mate who knows all about such things