We have written extensively about the alleged Brisbane pedophile REDACTED, a ‘photographer’ who is walking the streets of our town a free man while he awaits trial on 11 counts of indecent dealing with minors, underage girls some of them younger than 12.

REDACTED has been granted bail on these charges in circumstances where neither the police nor the prosecution appear to be aware of the extent of his perverted sexual predilection for primary school children, or of his links to the global child pornography trade.

It is not our intention to comment on the charges he faces and we have not done so.

However as a parent of young girls, and a victim of sexually predatory adults who knows all too well the life-long damage that child sexual abuse wreaks, this author cannot stand by silently and allow the truth about this man’s pedophile connections to remain untold.

How could I sleep at night if I said nothing and this beast abused a young child? How could I live with myself? How could you?

You don’t need me to answer that do you? It’s self-evident.

So let me tell you more about redacted and the website pigtailsinpaint.com which he is or was a member of, and which prominently features or did feature his work.

If you have read my previous stories about this site you will know that it is a playground for pedophiles run by one of the world’s most notorious (and shameless) publishers of explicit child pornography. You will also know that it is a gateway to a myriad of child exploitation websites around the world.

Well this morning our team has used a well-known internet traffic counting and analysis site named Easy Counter – http://www.easycounter.com – to take a look at some of the other websites that users of pigtailsinpaint.com are directed to and visit via what’s known as back links contained on the site.

This is what we found:


First we looked briefly at the most visited backlink – agapeta.wordpress.com – and were disgusted. It contains nude and salaciously non-nude pictures of little girls, and judging by the content- posts are written in various languages, so only an expert linguist would be able to read them all – the site serves no purpose other than to publish these images.

Then we moved to the second backlink – consentinghumans.wordpress.com – which is about anything but, except in the sickest of human being’s minds.

And now we feel ill.

Below are screenshots of a few of the most recent articles published on this vile site.

They speak for themselves and further commentary is not required – you can read as well as we can.

This is the type of material viewed and enjoyed by the grub who, by virtue of his bail conditions, continues to be allowed to photograph little girls provided someone else is there to supervise him. They don’t have to hold a blue card, and he doesn’t have to tell the parents of the little girls about either the charges he faces or about his obsession with child pornography and pedophilia.

Should REDACTED be walking the streets of BrisVegas where too walk our children?

You be the judge.

I need to vomit.