Everywhere you turn in the story of Queensland Police corruption between the 1960’s and late 1990’s a small, innocuous looking man seems always to be there, standing in the shadows with a pen in his hand.

The man – slim, white, thin-haired but of otherwise nondescript appearance –  looks exactly like what he once was,  an administrative type highly valued for his expertise at the hitherto feminine art of stenography (typing) and shorthand note-taking, just like a man he once knew named Clarence Howard-Osborne aka Clarrie Osborne was highly valued for his skills in the same arts.

Osborne later gained public infamy and a front-row seat in hell after it was revealed that he was the most prolific pedophile Australia has ever seen, a fact that no-one but his victims, and perhaps his wicked collaborators, knew or admitted that they knew until after he took the cowards way out and committed suicide just hours after the court granted him bail without any objection by the police officers who had charged him with child sex offences after discovering that he held files containing photos and anatomical details of 2500 boys that also listed details of those with whom the images (and almost certainly the boys themselves) were shared.

The man who seems to turn up everywhere in the corruption tale – the Leonard Zelig of Queensland Police corruption – is not Howard-Osborne, but rather a commissioned police officer and later right hand man to at least 2 known corrupt Queensland Police Commissioners including the notorious Terry Lewis, later fated to spend almost a decade in prison in the wake of the revelations made by the Fitzgerald Inquiry about his vast multitude of crimes.


The police officer’s name is Gregory Lance Early (pictured above left with current Police Commissioner Ian Stewart on our far right) and for decades he had been the next-door neighbor, weekend BBQ buddy and close friend of a closeted suburban demon named Kevin John Lynch, later to come to public notice as the second most prolific pedophile Queensland has ever known, and as yet another guilty ghoul who committed suicide after the exposure of his terrible crimes.

Gregory Lance Early is also strongly suspected to the Assistant Commissioner of Police that Lynch boasted was his inside man and protector, a fellow who could and did pervert the course of justice to keep the pedophile safe from arrest and prosecution.

Unfortunately for Lynch he made this extraordinary claim – replete with details of false and faked arrests, gross violations of the law by prosecutors altering or dismissing charges, and major police corruption – to a former victim who I am sure to Lynch’s eternal chagrin – eternity in this case being a matter of mere days – just so happened to be wearing a police wire.

The contents of this covert recording by police was the vital piece of evidence that lead to his arrest, and no doubt the singular cause of Lynch’s decision to gas himself in his car just hours after he was granted bail.


These pedophiles have a habit of killing themselves when exposed don’t they? Just ask Greg Masters (pictured above left), a great bloke according the folk at Lynch’s old alma mater Brisbane Grammar, as fellow as pure and innocent as the driven snow. The snow in the movie Fargo that is of course.


The contents of the Lynch police tapes were shocking, showing the man to be a psychopathic pedophile living well outside the bounds of normal human decency. So far beyond the fringes in fact that despite the young man’s torment and anguish is clearly apparent on the tapes, Lynch is actually recorded attempting to seduce the long-time victim and lure him naked into the shower so that he may abuse him once more.


Equally as shocking was the fact that his employer Gilbert Case, the Principal of St Paul’s School and later head of the Anglican Schools Commission, was captured on the tapes calling Lynch during the seduction wanting both to see how he had fared, and to make sure that the victim hadn’t reacted violently to his sexual approaches. Case’s call was made at 8.30 pm on a Friday night, and as the phone was ringing Lynch is clearly heard telling the young man wearing the wire that it would be ‘Gilbert’ on the phone, calling because he was worried about what might happen when they (Lynch and the victim) met.

As bad as this all is though, it pales into significance compared to what comes next, for Lynch is recorded blithely making incredible boasts about high-level police corruption involving the protection of pedophiles that was overseen by an Assistant Commissioner of Police with whom he was ‘closely associated’, an officer that surely could not have been anyone other than his mate Early, who is in 2017 the chief of the Retired Police Assocation and hobnobs regularly with top-level coppers including the Commissioner Ian Stewart.



I want to spell this out very simply and clearly so that there can be no mistake about what Lynch was saying and I am repeating.

A mass-scale pedophile – Lynch is known to have abused more than 200 children, at least 12 who subsequently have committed suicide, over a 24 year period – was recorded on a police listening device boasting to a teenage victim that he was very close friends with an Assistant Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service.

According to Lynch the relationship between the Assistant Commissioner (AC) and the serial pedophile – who was unaware his comments were being heard and secretly recorded by police – was so close in fact that the AC would regularly pervert the course of justice on a massive scale to prevent the detection , arrest and/or conviction of he and his associates in the vile child sex trade.

This alleged corruption – which if proven would be of an unprecedented scale in post-Fitzgerald Inquiry Queensland – included perverting the course of justice by doctoring briefs of evidence (and presumably withholding details of criminal histories) to assist sex offenders to escape justice; misusing police resources to deter complainants and witnesses from speaking out about the pedophile’s activities; effecting false arrests and conducting faux interviews of offenders and potential complainants and/or witnesses to child sex offences, with these interviews being held in QPS premises but not being recorded in any way – on camera, on tape, in logs or notebooks, or on computer or paper files – as strictly required by law; and by not detaining, arresting, interviewing or questioning pedophiles who were the subjects of the police protection.

These allegations that the blithely unaware Lynch made were all recorded on a police listening device, every single one of them, in 1996 and were transcribed word for word into documents that have since been tendered as public evidence to the Child Abuse Royal Commission.

Yet in the 20 years since Lynch – who for decades was the next door neighbor of then Assistant Commissioner Early, a family friend with whom he regularly socialised and whose children played daily with his own – made the allegations, not a single police officer of judicial official of any sort have investigated them to see if they are true. Not one.

I’ll say it again: one the most serious allegations of police corruption imaginable, the protection of pedophile activity by one of the State’s most senior police officers, has NEVER BEEN INVESTIGATED BY POLICE.

Why not?

Yeah Archie, good question, why not?

I have my own theory, and it stinks like the corpse of a fetid ten-day-old half-gutted rat left lying in the sweltering Queensland sun, its ever-vanishing carcass being devoured by a million-strong pack of starving carnivorous rock spiders.

Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. I dunno.

There are 3 things that I do know though.

One is that I recently learned from his lifelong best friend that my neighborhood and school mate Riley Brasch – whose Dad Kevin was an Order of Australia medal winner and Rugby League legend who once chaired the ARL – was a Kevin Lynch victim.



Two is that Riley ended his own life at a tragically early age, ostensibly as a result of the mental illness that he began displaying symptoms of aged 13, but almost certainly equally as much driven by the ghosts of an inner anguish caused from and created by his abuse by Lynch at the same age.

Three is that Riley is one of at least a dozen confirmed victims of Kevin Lynch’s predatory abuse at either Brisbane Grammar or St Paul’s who have committed suicide at a young age after suffering major post-abuse psychological problems; and that when compared against the national suicide rate this number of deaths at a person’s own hand is truly shocking.

How could this have happened to Riley?

How could it have happened to any of the boys who fell prey to the serial pedophile’s evil-intentioned advances?

The families who have lost their sons deserve answers.

The men who were attacked by Lynch as boys deserve answers.

In fact every person in Queensland deserves answers, for it’s they who pick up the repair bills for the chaos and destruction that abusers like Lynch leave behind. Bills for hospitals, and courts, and lawyers, and detox centers, and probation officers, and prisons and police and …….



Put your thinking cap on and consider Lynch’s 24 year career of sex crimes carefully. Most people don’t know it, but the pedophile didn’t confine his offending to students at the schools where he worked. He abused kids in other institutions too – in sporting and debating teams that he coached; in community organisations like Rotary, Lions and Toc H; in churches and youth groups – why the lowlife scumbag who boasted about being close to the Assistant Commissioner of Police even abused disabled kids, viewing the 14 year olds with the intelligence of toddlers that he came across in his role as a member of the Endeavour Foundation board as fair game.

It didn’t stop their either, because after his marriage break up in the late 80’s Lynch used to troll the streets of Brisvegas every Friday and Saturday nights – and probably during the daylight hours too – looking for street kids that he could induce to come back to his home to be abused by showering them with cash and smokes and grog and drugs. Whatever it took to get his hands on a pubescent or pre-pubescent boy, Lynch was prepared to give it, and did too.

He must have come to police attention during the long period that he was openly propositioning homeless boys on the streets. Dirty old men salivating over 15 year olds in the Queen Street Mall always do. One or more of the several hundred, probably thousands, of children that he violated across the wide spectrum of his various voluntary roles surely had to have come forward over the years. Of course they must have.

So why is that he was able to abuse with impunity? How the hell was he never  questioned or charged by police? What was it that made him so certain that he was immune from arrest that he boasted about the fact to a former victim?


Remember his words:

‘One advantage I’ve got is that I’m very personally connected to the Assistant Commissioner of Police’.

Lynch’s was no idle boast, he WAS indeed immune from the scrutiny of the law, for the simple reason that he was being protected by the police. More so he was being protected by senior police. By the Assistant Commissioner, the second highest ranking officer in the state, a man he knew intimately and whose son Cameron he was and remained close to until the summer’s evening that he ran a hose from this cars exhaust pipe through to the interior, closed all the windows and doors, and turned the key.

It’s time that the treachery of these criminals in blue was laid bare for all to see. The shocking secret boasts made by Lynch require a thorough public examination, because if they prove to be true then everything we have been told about the corruption free post-Fitzgerald Queensland Police Force is simply a lie.

A deadly lie; for if Lynch slipped up and accidentally blurted out the truth it means that at least one member of the upper echelon of the Qld Police Service – for reasons unfathomable but easily imagined – knowingly and actively allowed bastards like him to ruin little kids like Riley’s lives, and that wouldn’t just be an absolute travesty; it would be a capital crime.

It’s well past time that we found out once and for all what the f*ck really went on in the shadows of Queensland’s not all that distant past.

It’s time we all learned exactly how and why animals like Lynch – and Clarence Howard-Osborne and Freddie ‘Doc’ Whitehouse and who knows how many others before them – were able for so long to ply their sicko’s trade with seeming impunity.

Most of all, it’s time we stopped letting little boys like Riley Brasch die while the music is still in them. It’s time that we listened to their songs.

It’s over to you now officers of Taskforce Argos.

You have the power to uncover the bitter truth, to provide Queenslanders with the answers to these painful puzzles that we have been seeking for far too long.

The ball’s in your hands. Run with it.

Don’t let the parents and kids of our great State down.

Queenslander! Queenslander!



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