A 59-year-old grandmother who has worked at the TAB for 20 years but is a chronic gambling addict – go figure about the systems in place at the TAB – steals a million four over a long period of time and puts it through the pokies and a number of different gambling accounts.

She doesn’t steal the money from the TAB itself, but rather shaves a wee bit from winning punters by putting on bets after the jump and sharing in their dividend, which is reduced by a few dollars or cents for each punter by her addiction-driven fraud.

After giving a portion to charity in a vain attempt to assuage her rapidly rising guilt, the grandma comes out the other side without a bean in her back pocket.

Although it accepted she blew the bast majority of the dough on the punt, and did not actually steal from her employer – in fact she gave them money because the TAB make their money from a rake on turnover, and her bets increase it – Grammy cops a 5 year stretch in the can.


A 72-year-okd one-time schoolteacher, who has of recent times been working for a dodgy government-funded training outfit as a recruiter of ‘students’ from 3rd world countries notorious as pedophiles playgrounds, gets sprung organising child sex tours to similar 3rd world countries.

When he gets sprung police find hundreds and hundreds of child torture videos on his computer, along with messages to sick bastards like himself overseas telling them that he wants brutal videos of children being abused. He tells his symbiotic devil spawn friends exactly what degree of pain – extreme – he wants to see inflicted on little kids.

The judge describes the videos in his possession as among the worst imaginable, and his messages as abhorrent, at the upper edge of the scale as far as criminal depravity and pure evil go.

This deviant child-f*cker, whose name is Bryan Cole, has traveled many times in the past to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia. old Suicide Greg’s favorite holiday haunt. It is strongly suspected by police that he wasn’t there for the weather. The police of course are exactly right. He was flying to Asia to rape and torture kids. He had planned another trip that he was due to take just weeks after he was apprehended. You know as well as I do what he would have been doing had he made his flight.

There are numerous child victims who have been physically hurt and psychologically harmed. Scarred for life, they will carry their wounds with them throughout their lives. The evidence of their abject pain is plain. It is there for all to see – if they can bear looking – in the pictures police have seized from Cole’s computer.

No victim of the grandmother’s crimes have been hurt. None are scarred. They have simply received dividends on their winning bets that are a dollar or maybe two less than they would have otherwise been. A $500 trifecta becomes a $498.70 trifecta because of granny’s perfidy. Big f*cking deal.

Cole the C*nt pleads guilty. He has admitted his terrible crimes.

His lawyer asks the Judge to take into account his good character, and blamed prostate cancer for his offending. Apparently the bloke in the suit makes this submission without crying, laughing or vomiting.

My Dad has prostate cancer. He doesn’t suddenly find himself getting sexual gratification from watching kids being tortured. Dad loves his grandkids and enjoys every precious moment he gets to spend with them; the last thing he wants to do is see them hurt.He would however like to see Cole hurt, badly. Most Australians would.

Not the Judge though. When determining sentence he takes into account the deviant’s plea of guilty, his age, and the hardship he will face in jail. 99.9% of us thought that hardship was the whole point. After all, you are not going to rehabilitate a 72-year-old sicko who gets his rocks off from such depravity.

But the man who paid money to watch innocent children being brutally tortured, and almost certainly has tortured plenty himself, cops only 5 years jail, the same head sentence as the grandmother who has really hurt no-one but a few addicts like herself, and then only in the hip pocket and to very minor degrees.

All so now copping a buck less in your trifecta ticket is a crime of the same magnitude as paying some absolute scum of the earth c*nt to bind, whip, flog, burn and f*ck in the arse a tiny little 8 year old boy.

Australia, you’re standing in it; this murky, dank, filth-ridden swamp full of vipers on both sides of the criminal bench.

Once upon a time I used to love a sunburnt country.

These days I’m just no longer sure.