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The face of this germ above has become all too familiar over the past 7 days as the nation waits with fingers crossed hoping that the family of Matt Leveson’s – the young man that Michael Atkins, the creep above – way scot-free with murdering in cold blood.

We don’t know how Atkins killed the much younger Leveson, his then partner, but we now know that he is the killer and was wrongly acquitted when tried for his heinous crime in 2009. The reason we know? Because after nearly 10 years of silence, during which his family went out into the Royal National Park south of Sydney looking for their loved but lost son and brother, Atkins finally spoke last week after receiving immunity from prosecution for his crimes, and then nearly blowing it by continuing to tell lies.

Faced with the prospect of a perjury charge that would have finally have landed him in the jail cell in which he should have been rotting for the past 7 years, Atkin cut one last grubby, self-serving deal and agreed to tell the Coroner and the Leveson’s where Matt’s body was. We don’t know if the narcissistic maniac has broken the habit of a lifetime and actually told the truth for once, because the 7 day search that is winding up today has failed to locate Leveson’s remains, but we do know that Atkins must be the killer because only the person who’d buried Matt’s body would know where it was, and there has never been any suggestion that anyone else was involved.

It is with this knowledge of Atkins’s culpability for the crime that carries a mandatory life sentence – and in cognisance of the fact that he should and would have been living in a prison cell for the rest of his life but can’t be put there because his immunity coupled with the double jeopardy laws mean that he cannot be tried again for Matt’s murder – that we have decided to take the unusual step today of publishing Michael Atkins home address in Brisbane.

If this decision results in Atkins being harangued by decent folk who don’t like murderers living in their neighborhood then good. We don’t need any more murderers living in our town; we have enough already. At least our sons and brothers are safe from them though, because unlike Atkins they’re living in the cell in which they belong.

Here’s the address and the details of Atkin’s purchase of the property.


This information was not sourced by hacking or any other illegal means. It came from 2 databases that are accessible by any members of the public if like me they know where to look. One of the sites is free to use, the other is a subscription service, but when we cross checked both threw up the same details and this is definitely his unit.

Nice isn’t it? Does the thought of the heartless egoist sunning himself by the pool and admiring the blokes with buff bodies as they dive into the water, while Matt Leveson’s body lies rotting in an unmarked grave, make you as sick as it does me?

Don’t worry though, no matter how ill you might feel right now you’ll never be as sick as Mark Peter Atkins, and unless its your child that’s been murdered and whose body has been missing for almost a decade you’ll never even go close to feeling pain as terrible as that felt by the Leveson family. Our hearts go out to them.

This is where the murderer’s unit is located.


It’s in the same street as the old Valley GPO, these days a nightclub of the same name. If you’re ever there and spot Atkins on the dance floor go and pour a drink over him for us, then point and shout ‘Murderer! Murderer!’ at the top of your lungs.

He deserves no better.

Here’s what the building he lives in at 27 Ballow Street, Fortitude Valley (1km from the CBD) looks like from the front.


And here’s what the 82 square meter 2 bedroom loft apartment looks like inside.



Below is the pool and spa that Matt Leves0n will never have the opportunity swim in, because thanks to Muscles Atkins he’s swimming with the fishes.

And here’s the gym and sauna.

It must be lovely to enjoy a workout and then warm down with a lovely steam wearing only a towel around your waist, while at the same time a thousand kilometers away a family is crouched down on their hands and knees in the undergrowth, digging at the earth with their hands like they have done so many times before in the desperate hope they will find their loved one’s bones, and be able to bring him home.

I wonder if Matt would have liked the sauna if he were still alive to use it? It sure would be a hell of a lot warmer than the cold, lonely earth in which he today lies.

It’s not as warm as the place where Atkins if eventually going though. Hell, the steam room by comparison seems as frozen as the murderer’s soul, if of course the fiend of a human being has one at all.


Rest in peace Matt Leveson, and may your black heart know peace never again Michael Arkins you terrible, terrible man.

We are sure you join with us in wishing the Leveson family all out love and prayers. Even though we cannot be there physically with you in your search we stand beside you shoulder to shoulder in hope that some day very soon Matt is found so you can bring him home, back where he belongs.

This one’s for you friends.

Keep the faith, he’s waiting for you to come.