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Have you ever heard about the research that links massive increases in domestic violence and child abuse directly with problem gambling?


You haven’t read the research reports from the study at Monash and Flinders Universities that find that the families of more than half of the those who seek treatment for their compulsive gambling are subjected to family violence by the out of control punter? More than half.

53% in fact, an absolutely staggering figure, and that’s only in the limited Australian study.

More extensive research in the United States puts the figure much higher, with academics publishing reports showing as many as 2 in 3 pulsies – the Geebung/Nundah term for blokes who do their pay at the Bunger on the Orange Trots on a Tuesday night – inflict violence upon their wives and kids. Abuse them, in common parlance.

Its gets worse though, because did you know that studies focusing on the more serious end of family violence show that the chance of a child being severely abused – e.g. f*cked or fingered –  is 13.2 times greater in the homes of pulsies than it is in the home of the average non-wagering, Don or Hilary voting Septic Tankee?


No again?

Don’t worry about that too much, because its odds on that you’re aware that victims of child sexual abuse are the favourites to themselves become compulsive gamblers from their teens on,  and by involuntarily doing so become the type of punter described above, and therefore only a 1 in 3 chance of not repeating the vicious cycle of family violence.

It’s pretty f*cked isn’t it?

We need a Children’s Commissioner appointed up here in Queensland who’ll stamp down on the bastards who trade human misery for cash by running casinos and poker machine joints targeted at the uneducated c*nts in the outer suburbs; the breed of bogans who are that stupid that they ignore the impossibility of beating the house – even when it’s the House of Broken Dreams and its taking 1/4 as the rake (geez even old Gerry Bellino only took 10%!) – and pour their rent and food and petrol money straight down the the gullet of the guzzling pokies owned by the human misery trading profiteers.

Guess what though? We haven’t got one.

Oh no, we’ve got the modern slave owners wench instead.

Harsh words to describe the Queensland Children’s Commissioner Cheryl Vardon aren’t they? The sort of words that would get a publisher’s arse sued off if they weren’t true you’d have to say, truth of course being the ideal defense to a defamation action, as our made mate McMicking is soon to find.

The truth shall set you free. That’s what the Bead Twirler always used to say, before she got a tit job and a drug habit and started having things to hide. She was bloody right too, honesty’s the best policy even when it involves a young glamour sporting Double D’s fessing up to her faults and admitting that while she shags like a demon and looks like a dream, the 2 panadols she took for her headache last Thursday have rendered her totally incapable of poaching a decent egg for love or money.

Yep, honesty is definitely the go, and if it were a disease I for one would be praying that lanky young Premier Pannacotta Palaczszuk and her Families Minister Ms Del Shannon (formerly of Dave and Del, but now singing solo) would bloody catch it. And the website writer for the Children’s Commission too.

Then we might learn the truth about the bird at the top of the Queensland ‘Keeping the Kiddies Safe’ tree rather than being sold the sort of absolute bullsh*t that we’ve exposed in the article below.

Call us stupid is you will Stanley, but I reckon that a Shane or Sheila who has been in the pay of the gambling industry for over a decade – and worked for 4 years for a facilitator of highly arguable soft-core kiddy porn (more on that later) – is no type of person to be in charge of Child Protection in Queensland, even if she is a mate of the brave-hearted former Australian Democrats leader in the pineapple land Hetty Johnston.

In fact we reckon being a friend of Hetty’s should actually be a disqualifying criteria, for reasons we’ll explain in due course.

Either way though, Cheryl Vardon should not be the Queensland Children’s Commissioner and her appointment is as crooked as Joe Bugner’s schnozz prior to plastic surgery, and child protection up here north of the Tweed is an absolute and utter joke. It’s such an absolute farce in fact that it would almost be funny if it weren’t so f*cking serious.

Kids here in the land of plenty are dying preventable deaths in such numbers that you soon forget their names. Mason Jet Lee and Tialeigh Palmer are the latest in the roll of call of tragedy, but at least another 5 little ones have died in the past 12 months from having the sh*t bashed out of them alone, and a whole lot more are no longer here as a result of unchecked evil abuse.


It’s an absolute scandal, and what makes it ten times worse is that hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped into child protection and a bucket load of it is being skimmed by the absolute lowest type of rorters, the type of criminals who make post-earthquake looters look like latter day saints. And all the while the former gambling industry boss in the big chair in the Children’s Commission seems not to have a clue what to do.

We do though.Stop the rorts and out the scammers, that’s the first step,  and over the coming week we’re going to take it. Day by day we’re going to tell you a little bit more about the outrages being committed by those who are directing money that’s meant to save kids lives into their own pockets.

We might get sued from Southbank to Sandgate and all the way back to Springwood but hey, as Derryn Hinch used to say that’s life. If it saves a single child’s life it’s well worth it.

Watch this space.