Back in the year of 2o13 the key management personnel of the children’s charity Bravehearts were paid a sum total of $327 910.

Who these key managers are is ill-defined, but knowing as we do that Hetty Johnson runs the outfit in a manner akin to a Divine Queen of ancient times the ordinary reasonable person would have to suspect that she’d be about the only person who’d fit the definition described in the organisation’s annual report and reproduced above, wouldn’t they?

A year later the dough paid by Bravehearts to the mysterious key management personnel had jumped by about 60%, and without explanation the bosses payola each year was now $524 263.

The next year the management pay pool rose another 10% odd to $571 951.

And then in 2016 suddenly the cash Braveheart splashed on salaries for those at the top of the organisation’s tree went KABOOM!and exploded by a further 40%.

Now in 2016 the top dogs in the children’s charity – whoever they may be – are being collectively (maybe) paid just a tick under $800 000 of predominantly tax-payer provided funds given by various governments to the organisation each year, and I reckon it’s only fair of the outfit to tell us how our cash is being spent.

I suppose it’s fair to assume that some slice of the 5 grand I personally donated to Bravehearts after knocking the Sunday Mail off for defamation is probably being kicked into the pockets of the charity’s big bosses too, so you couldn’t blame me for having a touch of idle curiosity about where it’s going either could you?



The course is, as we mentioned above, that we are not sure who exactly it is that this huge amount of dough is being paid to. Bravehearts don’t appear in any hurry to tell us either judging by the marked paucity of information provided on the organisation’s website. So all we can do is speculate, just like a budding property developer of the 1980’s whose brother-in-law’s Russ Hinze.

Now we are by no means saying or suggesting that the two are connected, but it’s curious that in the same period that the key management personnel pay more than doubled the Bravehearts founder and commander-in-chief Hetty Johnston has – in partnership with her husband Ian – splashed out on three new houses for the collective cost of about $800 000, which is an almost identical figure to that presently being paid by Bravehearts to its unidentified but undoubtedly highly effective bosses.


Of course it’s impossible to imagine that a children’s charity that has as its main source of income funds provided by the average tax-paying punter,would be paying its CEO any more than about $150 grand a year, and that’s a very top end figure when you compare Bravehearts to an organisation with a similar-sized number of staff. A union like United Voice for example, where the head honcho in charge of 50 thousand members and over a hundred staff cops well less than $200 grand annually for the 80 hour 24/7 weeks that he puts in.

So no doubt the $800k kicked into the poker school pool by Bravehearts is being well spread around among the organisation’s key players.

I’m mindful though that there are a number of cynical folk like the News Ltd lawyers out there in readerland, some of whom might jump to erroneous and unfair conclusions about the coincidence of the large and recently inflated pool of kiddie’s dough being spent on salaries at the same time that the Johnston’s have invested a few bucks in spare bedrooms posing as rental investment properties.

So to set every sportsfan straight and give them the good oil, we’ve this morning sent Bravehearts a note seeking to clarify the situation by telling us exactly who at the top end of the terrific (forget about making Australia the safest place for kids one earth, that’s just blue sky talking, it’s the bottom line that counts) child protection charity gets what.

We’ll let you know when the gee-gee neighs.

Until then, Giddyup!