Well I’m sure that Hetty Johnston is a woman of great integrity because she tells us so herself, so as soon as she reads this article – which will be about 10 seconds after it is published I reckon – she’ll be packing up the kit bag and the swag and be bolting out the door of the Bravehearts office that she owns  and down to the new office that she doesn’t own like a shot, just as she promised she would.

Yes that’s right sportsfans, Archie has taken up the Het Up Hetty Johnston challenge and not only have I secured her and Bravehearts a new premises just down the road that meets the organisation’s stipulations, but I’ve bagged them an extra office too!

How good is that?

Here it below – what a bloody cracker hey? It’s everything that Hetty ever wanted and more!


I’m sure that once she gets back from the beach at the 5 star resort in Fiji (she’s probably staying on Turtle Island (below) where her mate Chezza the new Qld Children’s Commissioner used to work back in her gambling industry days, they ended last year) 24/7 Hetty – how does she do it without sleep? – will be off to the new office even quicker than the promised shot so that she can avoid all these unpleasant questions about conflicts of interest that some journos who don’t buy the Johnston myth in full keep flinging at her.


Well flung once, asked in fact; our Hetty seems prone to a bit of the old hyperbole and histrionics when she gets worked up.

But Het Up Hets won’t have to worry about that anymore because she’s moving on up and moving on out, and when she gets to the new office the tip on the street is that she’s going to open up the books and flash them for everyone to see so the embers of these burning questions that she hates so much can be doused forever more.

Until then though, Vanuinui vinaka!

The sun always shines on  Fiji, and it shines on Hetty Johnston too. Or it used to anyway, until someone put on the shades to stop being blinded by Hetty’s brilliance and actually had a close hard look at Bravehearts then realised with a start that perhaps it doesn’t really, .and began to wonder if it ever did at all……

Hetty scrubs well on the telly though, and spins the funding agencies and the donors the silky lines that they all want to hear. In return they give Hetty’s outfit ever increasing amounts of dough and the Bravehearts bottom line continues to swell. And at the end of the day the bottom line is all that matters.

Don’t you worry about that.