1. If a lawyer represents a client alleged by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to have committed a crime, and police officers are the DPP witnesses to the alleged offence, should the lawyer disclose to the client that he is a former police officer and that his wife works as a prosecutor for the DPP?

2. Are the jungle drums carrying the story of the passionate and definitely non-same-sex affair between two Government Ministers – one of them still married, the other recently separated – true?

3. Is it also true that a septuagenarian, who will be spending Xmas behind bars as he awaits trial on charges of multiple murder, has had an early present from the DPP, who have withdrawn the two charges of rape that he was alleged to have committed  during the commission of the alleged murders?

4. Which public prosecutor a few years ago paid a six-figure sum as ‘go away money’ to his very long-term mistress after she finally became tired of his broken promises to leave his ever-loving wife?

5. Will the Queensland Police taskforce investigating suspected corrupt dealings between one-time union official turned union rat David Hanna and the construction giant Mirvac also investigate the dealings between Hanna and another large construction company Hutchison Builders?

6. And will they zero in on what happened to all the extra building materials and cash donated for the rebuild of the Slacks Creek home that burnt to the ground a couple of years ago tragically killing all the occupants inside?

7. What was the real reason that the husband of a Qld MP who is known to get argumentative on the drink left his employment with Hutchison Builders?

8. Would the answer perhaps explain the rather curious entry on the Qld House of Broken Dreams Register of Members Interests made by a certain Labor MP in regard to a loan received from and payable to Hutchison Builders?

9. Just where are the 2500 photographs of children abused by Australia’s greatest known pedophile Clarence Osborne-Howard that were seized by police from the sicko’s home after his suicide in 1979?

10. Why was a proper investigation never conducted into the treasure trove of evidence about others that was contained in the files?

11. And why was there no investigation into the claims made by another serial pedophile Kevin Lynch and recorded on a police wire, that he free to commit his crimes with impunity and that he could rig court cases for others, because an Assistant Commissioner of police was protecting him?

12. Is it merely coincidence or bad luck that Queensland’s most senior office holder is so closely associated with so many of the institutions named in the Child Abuse Royal Commission, or is there perhaps another reason?

13. Why hasn’t the person spoken publicly about the issue, and why haven’t the mainstream media asked him the question?

14. How did the mainstream media miss picking up the extremely close links between the Palmer United Party’s 2015 controversial Qld State Election candidate Mark Taverner and Organised Criminal Motorcycle gangs?

15. Why did so many children in the 1970’s and 80’visit the Holland Park mansion owned by the family of legendary building industry and surf lifesaving identity John Pidgeon? And given their ages, why weren’t their parents there with them?

16. Did legendary newspaperman and crime reporter Brian ‘The Eagle’ Bolton really commit suicide, or did he get a little help from his ‘friends’?

17. On the basis of what logic did the DPP and the court allow former Qld Mining Industry identity and alleged crook Ken Talbot to keep his passport – and thus enable him to travel to the Congo and die in a plane crash – when he was facing trial on serious charges of corruption that landed both of his co-accused in the can?

18. Given that Eddie Obeid, a former Minister of the Crown in NSW, receive a 5 year jail sentence with a minimum term to serve of 3 years after being convicted of corrupt activity that saw him earn millions of illicit dollars, why did his Queensland counterpart Gordon Nuttall, who was convicted of corrupt activity that saw him land a couple of hundred thousand, cop a sentence of 14 years and serve six?