Not long before Christmas we received an uninvited invoice (below) from Newspix, one of the many heads of the hydra in Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited stable, for payment of $225 for the use of one of News Ltd’s alleged images in a story specifically written to alert potential victims to the presence of a murderer on the streets of inner-city Brisbane.


We thought we were doing the public a favor.

Newspix claimed we were breaching copyright, and stealing money out of the poor, struggling Mr Murdoch’s pocket.

It appeared an irreconcilable difference of opinion, so we simply told them to get f*cked.

A week ago another invoice arrived in the Its Not Normal inbox. We ignored it until today, when we opened it up ready to reiterate our position that the public good was more important than Rupert’s bank balance by telling Newspix to go and get f*cked once more, even though repetition’s boring and we had hoped they’d got the message first time around.

But then we looked more closely at the email and the accompanying invoice.

And do you see what we see?


It’s in the top left corner.

The email was sent from a Gmail account. Rupert doesn’t use Gmail.

News Limited has been hacked!

How’s that for irony?

It would be fall on the floor funny if it wasn’t so goddamn serious, because the personal and bank details of millions of people around Australia – and tens, if not hundreds, of million more across the globe – are held on News Limited servers. And now entities unknown have hold of them.

Oh dear.