The pastor’s name is Alexander Paul Attard who goes by the name of Alex Attard. He’s a former South Australian who now heads the Hope City Church, a fundamentalist shake, rattle, roll and fall down talking in tongues type outfit whose place of worship is in the Kevin Rudd-built school hall at the Grovely State Primary School on Brisbane’s northside, which in a way is apt because Rudd’s a holier than though tub-thumping hypocrite himself, but kinda wrong too because whatever happened to the separation of church and state for God’s sake?

That’s not the story though, because although the faithful wave their hands in he air and shout hallelujah in the school hall every Sunday morning as they put 10% of their wages through the mobile eftpos machines carted around by the elders, the Pastor and his missus and their mates spend the rest of the week at the $3 million center the church owns (well sort of, there is a complex business structure involved that we will explain later) at 180 South Pine Road at Alderley, which in one of those acidic cased of irony is just 10om south of the Alderley Police Complex,  and 500m east of the one time homes of pedophile Kevin Lynch and his bosom buddy Greg Early, the former Assistant Commissioner of Police who made sure that his next door neighbor was never pinched for his compulsive criminal abuse of young men in his care.


Pastor Attard  is clearly a business-minded chap, for he runs a number of various enterprises out of 180 South Pine Road via companies that have varying structures, but a common denominator in that each of them is registered as charitable organisations, and they all employ a bunch of his relatives and cronies.

We will explore these companies, trusts and God knows what else in greater detail in due course, but for now what you need to know is that all of the businesses have a focus on working with children.

There is a small home for single women and their kids, a budgeting service for single mothers, a school based program working with 10-12 year old kids, a child psychologist service, and a charitable foundation working with orphanages in Cambodia.

Orphanages in South-East Asia, the child-sex tourist capital of the world?

Haven’t we heard a litany of stories about pedophiles who travel to Asia under the guise of charity workers in orphanages and then go on to abuse the vulnerable orphans until the poor little kids can’t be abused anymore? Of course we have – why we’ve even published a few on this site if my memory serves me correctly.


‘Stop it Archie, this is a church and these people are there to help the kiddies, not harm them you cynical bastard’ I hear you saying.

Let me tell you about the other business Hope City run at 180 South Pine road then, and who runs it, and then tell me if I’m a cynic please.

It’s a photographic studio.

Guess whose photographic studio?

A gold star if you said REDACTED, the alleged pedophile facing 11 counts of kiddy fiddling.

There is something attached to the photographic studio. Wanna take a wild stab at what it is?

A dance studio. A dance studio for little girls.

Guess who runs the dance studio?

REDACTED, the pervert who loves little girls.


The sick freak who posted what he wrote were his favorite photographs on a website called Deviant Art. Photographs of fully naked young pre-pubescent girls in suggestive poses, and half-naked pre-teens in sexually suggestive positions.

Sick photos that only a pedophile could enjoy, pictures of a kind that normal adults like you and I find repulsive and disgusting, because they could well be pictures of our own young daughters.

Pictures that REDACTED in all likelihood obtained by swapping them with fellow pedophiles overseas through the vile international child exploitation website that he visits a number of times each day on the computer in his studio next door to the Pastor’s office at 180 South Pine Road, the headquarters of the Hope City Church.


Pictures of the young girls who Pastor Alex has at the very least permitted, and quite possibly invited and or encouraged to attend the dance classes that the man facing 11 counts indecently assaulting young girls has been holding at the Hope City Church studio the whole time that he been on bail.

Pictures of little kids who are predominantly from poor single parent families. Kids whose mums are clients of the Hope City Church businesses, or the children of parishioners.

Vulnerable little girls whose pictures are being swapped for pictures of girls overseas through a website owned and hosted by a notorious computer hacker who has just been released from a three year jail sentence, a man who openly declares that he publishes child porn and claims that he is a champion of free speech and expression.

Pictures swapped on a site that proudly declares on its banner that it is ‘dedicated to the portrayal of little girls in the arts and media’; a website whose operator brazenly declares that he is travelling overseas to obtain child-exploitation films to share with members of the site like REDACTED.


The evidence supporting the assertions that I have just made is freely available on the internet for anyone to see. But everyone missed it. Police, lawyers, the DPP, the judge, child safety officials, parents – everyone. Everyone except us.

And so REDACTED continues to walk the streets a free man after his lawyer told the court that none of the charges related to his work as a photographer, but failed to mention that her pervert of a client was being protected by a church, or that he actually ran the dance classes the little girls attended himself, or that he was swapping sick sexually-laden images of the little girls with overseas pedophiles just like him.

And all the while until today Pastor Alex Attard has allowed it to happen, and now he needs to explain why.

The Pastor needs to explain why because his passive acceptance of REDACTED’s nefarious conduct is appalling, but at this juncture stands as the very best case scenario. It may well head south, and I for one shudder to think about how far the pastor’s involvement with REDACTED may stretch, but you know I reckon you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking and it ain’t pretty is it?

Pastor Alex must explain why he allowed a man charged with child sex offences to continue to run dance classes in the studio next to his office.

He needs to explain why he allowed REDACTED, and alleged pedophile on bail for extremely serious child sex offences, to photograph the little girls on premises owned by the church, and located within earshot of his office.

The Pastor also must explain why he allowed him on the grounds of a church run organisation that specialises in dealing with kids at all.

He needs to explain why REDACTED took down his website and all the external posts that he possibly could within just half an hour of me calling the Hope City Church office this morning seeking a comment about REDACTED’s activities at 180 South Pine Road (REDACTED  not as clever as he thinks he is though – pedos never are – but Archie is and can show you how to access it anyway); why he tipped the pedophile off by alerting him that we were on his tail.

The Pastor must tell us whether he has ever accessed the Pigtailsinpaint website or any other child exploitation site. And whether REDACTED has done so from his studio at 180 South Pine Road.

He must explain to parents of the children who visit the church owned premises at 180 South Pine Roadthe reason why he put their children in danger by allowing them into direct contact with a pedophile.

And what Pastor Alex must do lastly is tell us how on earth we are supposed to believe that he is truly a man of God, the fella who created it.

Perhaps the Pastor will explain all this to Taskforce Argos; but he had better have a damn good excuse, for if he doesn’t then  he’s about to find out the first hand truth abut what fire and brimstone really feels like when your maker hurls you into the heated substance.

There are many, many more questions to be asked and answered, but these ones will suffice for now, for I have to run and ring Assetstacia before she jumps on the treadmill otherwise I will be waiting an hour to find out why the hell the happy clappers are copping six figure sums to deliver training that at really when all is said and done is about absolutely bloody nothing at all other than learning how to wait patiently in a dole queue for a couple of hours every Friday arvo.

But there’s one last question on my lips that I am hungering to ask, and so I’ll ask it: Pastor Alex, are you a pedophile too?

I certainly hope not, but still I can’t wait to hear the happy clapper’s reply.