rawwlyIn October last year I was horrified to learn that a germ who had crept into Geebung under the cover of night had been released on bail after being charged with child sex offences committed in central Qld a few years before.

Horror turned to outrage when I discovered that the germ’s bail conditions allowed him to continue to practice his claimed profession as a photographer of young dance school students – kids aged between 6 and 16 – as long as he had another person with him ‘supervising’ his work.

This bloke gave me a bad feeling, a really bad one. He just didn’t look right, and his story didn’t ring true. I had so many questions, and so few answers. Who really makes a living out of taking photos of kids at dance classes? Why was he granted bail? What if the other person supervising him was a fellow kiddy fiddler? Who would protect the vulnerable children?

This needed to be investigated. Due diligence had to be conducted on the germ to establish the level of threat that he posed to innocent children..

And so we set to work.

Within minutes we discovered information that made us vomit.

This piece of sh*t wasn’t a full-time photographer; he was on the dole.

He didn’t just work with young dancers; he was a volunteer for a bullsh*t kids program peddled by a dodgy happy clapping church who had been awarded government contracts by fellow bible basher Tim Mander, the loon who aspired to lead the LNP and take us all down the road to perdition.

My gut feeling was confirmed. Something was wrong here, very wrong indeed, but still I felt there was more, so I kept on looking, and then I found it, and suddenly my head started spinning like a top.



The germ was a member of an international child porn ring. He published photos of nude children on his website, and traded them with others across the globe. And that information was gleaned just from the public sections of the sick sites he publicly displayed under his own name. You could only imagine the snaps and videos of exploited children that were hidden in the members only section of the demonic sites.

This bloke who dared to sully the great Geebung name had clear and demonstrable ties to notorious known pedophiles and filthy child sex website operators across the globe. And the DPP and a District Court had allowed him to walk free on bail.

‘No f*cking way’ I screamed out loud, so loud that my wife and kids came racing to see what was wrong. I told them: I was a victim of abuse myself, and knew full well the horrors that awaited other wide eyed kids with the whole world in front of them if they fell prey to a predator like I did. The truth about this germ had to be told, and I decided to tell it.

I started writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and after much deliberation I published pictures too, each of them a reproduction of the images that the man walking free on the streets of Brisvegas had published on websites around the world. The images were gut wrenching. Naked little girls, nude young boys, kids of all ages shot in such sexually suggestive poses that only a pervert could view them without retching.

How did the crown prosecutors, with all the available resources at their disposal, miss this? God knows, but they did. They put the pervert back on the streets, and allowed him to continue to take naked photos of little girls and boys. He had to be stopped before he ruined even more lives.

I referred my research to police.

They took it seriously, and began to investigate.

This is the result below.

Some days I feel really, really good about the work that I do.

Today is one of them.