The single stem of the flower signifies the isolation felt by victims of domestic and family violence. Its watercolour treatment evokes compassion and sensitivity. The bouquet on the back cover represents hope, and the belief that domestic and family violence is our community’s responsibility. To victims and survivors it says, ‘you are not alone.’

Yes you are.

You are alone during the years that you are subjected to horrendous psychological and physical abuse.

You are alone when the perpetrator of the abuse enters your home, binds and gags you, bashes you unconscious and drags you by the hair across the floor.

You are alone when the Magistrate who was appointed to protect people like you from the horrors of domestic violence and abuse releases your attacker on bail, despite the objections of the police and the bruises all over your body.

You are alone and there are no witnesses, and the madman who will stop at nothing in his deranged quest to hurt you has no criminal history.

You are alone when just weeks later he kills you.

And now your kids are alone.


It’s not normal.

Life wasn’t meant to be like this.

Only 15 months ago former Governor-General Quentin Bryce delivered a report to the Government that was supposed to end the senseless violence, the terror and the fear.

359 pages long it was.

It may as well have been written on the back of a postage stamp.

Victims of domestic savagery are always alone.

They call it child abuse, or spousal abuse, or family violence, or whatever.

The titles are bullsh*t,. preconditioned terms that precondition us to believe that the perpetration of heinous criminal acts in a domestic setting is somehow different than the infliction of violence against a stranger.

It’s not.

The only difference between the drunken thug who king hits a kid in the Valley and the deranged one time lover who king hits their ex, and then sticks the boot in, is that the one punch coward is in jail on remand, while the multi-punch generally (but not always) woman bashing coward gets bail.

One can’t kill, the other can.

And does.

You are alone.

You cower and live in fear alone.

You hide alone.

You die alone.

Not now, not ever?