Oh my goodness.

You thought the decision in the Jeff Fenech – Azumah Nelson ‘I wuz robbed’ fight in Caesar’s Palace back in 1991 was bad.

You were right. It wuz.

But this one’s worse, a whole lot worse.

Anthony Mundine has been crucified.It’s the greatest robbery since Ronnie Biggs and the boys hit the Royal Mail loco in ’63.

We all focused on the fighters and forgot about looking at the judges. Who the hell were these fellas, particularly the clown who scored it 98 – 90 to Green? Was it Stevie Wonder? Ray Charles perhaps? One of the Blind Boys of Alabama? I’m sure we are about to find out in the coming days.

I love boxing, with a passion. Have followed it since my Grandfather took me to BrisVegas’s long gone Festival Hall 40 years ago to watch The Man’s father Tony knock Bad Boy Rolle back to the Bahamas in a daze in three. My video shelf is packed with tapes of all the great fights going back to the Joe Louis ‘bum a month’ days at the beginning of last century.

I can’t throw them real well but I can score them. So believe me when I tell you that Mundine won this fight in a canter. No question about it at all. He won at least 6 of the 10 rounds, possibly seven; was all over Green like a rash after the first two rounds, picked him off like a stealthy spider picking off a half-drunk fly, peppered him with shots for 8 rounds. Witnessing Green cop a beating was like watching a flailing man drown.

Yet somehow he was awarded the fight. What a joke, what a disgrace.

Mundine will wail. He will cry foul, and scream that he wuz robbed too. He will cream racism, claim that he lost because of the color of his skin. He is right too, but no-one will listen for he’s the boy who cried wolf, The Man who shouted the same thing from the rooftops when he lost on points to Daniel Geale in a fight in which he was smashed to smithereens by a younger and sharper fighter.

He was wrong then, but he’s not now. Mundine WUZ robbed tonight, and it’s an absolute travesty.

Oh woe is me.

Where does Australian boxing go from here?

UPDATE: The writer scoring the fight for The Australian got it nearly spot on in my view, giving the bout to The Man 6 rounds to 4. I had it 7 to 3, our only point of difference being round 3 which The Oz gave to Green and I gave to Mundine.