The image above is a screenshot from the online Fairfax publication the Brisbane Times, taken just 60 seconds ago.

The article by John Birmingham – a great writer and the author of ‘He Died With a Felafal in His Hand’ among other great prose – is a reflection on the rapid pace of change in the world over the past decade, which he begins and anchors by proclaiming that his assertion made in 2007 about the absurdity of the threat to societal order posed by the influx of Sudanese refugees into Australia still rings true.


The article quoting shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker is about the lawyer turned politician’s criticism of the measly 4 years jail sentence – with a remission of 20% which means prison term to be served is only a tad over 3 years – pronounced on Ariik Mayot by the Supreme Court for killing an innocent grandfather by striking him with a single the head.

Mayot, who was on his way to the police station to report for bail on an unrelated charge at the time he launched the fatal attack, is a Sudanese refugee.

Go figure.