Did you just see what JT did?

You did, but I bet you didn’t.

A minute and a half to go. He’s in the line, then suddenly he’s back in the in goal. Right where Brisbane grubber the ball. He takes it on the bounce.

And throws it straight over the dead ball line.

Why did he do that? Why didn’t he run it over? Why didn’t he run it out?

Because he’s a genius, that’s why.

If her ran it out the clock would stop immediately.

If he was tackled in goal the clock would stop immediately.

If he throws it out the Cowboys get 30 seconds – with the clock running – to take the drop-out. The Broncos will have only 30 seconds to have a shot at field goal. Starting from about 40m out, if the drop-kick travels the usual distance.

JT, with no time to think, thinks.

He throws it over the dead-ball line.

The Cowboys milk a few extra seconds on top of the 30 JT has just bought them before they take the drop-out. The Broncos get the ball back  40m out, with only 30m seconds on the clock instead of 70. One of their young bucks panics, and drops the pill in the play the ball.

It’s a draw at full time.

I’ve had 100 on at $17.

JT’s just shouted me a week at Twin Waters.

All hail the King! The greatest player ever to lace on a boot. Ever!

Sorry Wally.

It ain’t you babe.

POSTSCRIPT: JT’s just kicked a field goal from the Simpson Desert to win it. Whoever said there isn’t a God? His name’s Jonathon..