If I was Sara Conner I’d be shutting my mouth quick smart, and thanking my luck stars that I copped such sentence and could be out in three if everything goes tickety boo. It won’t though, not while she has a small cadre of attention-seeking moronic mates screaming like banshees about injustice, and seemingly stupidly, and dangerously to her herself, ignorant of the Indonesian public and police’s outrage that a uniformed officer’s life appears to be worth an aggregate of only 10 years of two farangs loss of liberty.

What fair minded people could blame the Indonesians for their upset? Or hold that it is unreasonable, for after all a very serious crime has A uniformed policeman dies on the job after a violent confrontation with a man (Conner’s co-accused David Taylor) and a woman (Conner). The dead man’s wallet and phone are stolen by the pair, who have never been able to provide a credible explanation for their removal and retention of the victim’s personal possessions,. and cannot properly account for their failure to hand in or report to authorities their possession of the clearly stolen items despite their attempt to concoct a story that stretched credulity so far that it appeared as a poor attempt at fairy tale telling.

Equally, the accused duo have failed to provide any justification for their decamping the scene at a time when the policeman was dead or dying, and the callous disregard that they showed for the man’s welfare both in the immediate aftermath of the incident, when he was clearly unconscious, or in the days prior to their surrender when they made no attempt whatsoever to contact any person to report the incident and provide an open and honest account about what actually occurred on that fateful Wednesday evening.

All this and we are yet to even touch on the actual killing, and Taylor or Conner’s role in its commission. Their accounts have been a movable feast and they told varying stories told varying stories in the immediate aftermath of their arrests, before they finally settled on a story that appears for all the world to be an obvious yet admirable attempt by Taylor to position himself to take the whole rap and absolve Conner of any direct causal responsibility for the death.

I personally don’t buy it – I don’t buy a whole lot of Taylor and Conner’s smoothed out story – and nor did the jury, although I agree that the acquittal on the murder charge was a just decision based even on the prosecution evidence alone, but I fully appreciate and accept why the widow of the police officer disagrees.

One thing’s for sure though, this is an amazingly light sentence by Indonesian standards, particularly for such serious crimes. Imagine if you will that it was a Queensland cop who’d been killed on Airlie Beach by a holidaying Indonesian couple who practice the Islamic faith rather than our mainstream Christian creed.

Do you think Australians would be taking it well right now if the pair had been handed such seemingly light sentences after a jury had deemed them responsible for the policeman’s death? You move in different circles to me if you do, and likely live in the Simpson Desert if you are naive enough not to be aware that the political fringe dwellers like Hanson, Bernardi, and Christensen wouldn’t have a series of field days whipping up and then inflaming the widespread anti-Muslim sentiment that sits uncomfortably close to the surface of the nation’s fabric?

No doubt Tony Abbott would throw his own hat in the ring and make some highly cynical yet equally incendiary reactionary statements that the strategists managing the logistics of his constantly  fluid, but consistently ‘conservative’ – in the Liberal Party of Australia sense rather than the classical – game plan to return  triumphant to the Lodge held aloft by his loyalists and a select group of his fair weather policy supporters and political friends? The answer is self-evident: when’s the Rabbit ever missed a chance?

So far Conner and Taylor have been lucky, damned lucky, particularly given some of the statements made by people loudly proclaiming to be their friends, but in reality more likely to simply be enjoying and seeking an extension to their unexpected moment in the media sun. It is in the prisoner’s best interests in both the long and short run that these attention seekers who don’t quite understand the harm they are doing to those that they say are their friends and muzzled forthwith and forever more because the more they pour cheap grade and unnecessary fuel onto the transnational fire, the greater the chance are of Conner and Taylor’s sentences being increased in the event of a prosecution appeal.

Never forget that Schappelle Corby spent nine of the best years of her life in Indonesian prisons for the immediately victim-less crime of importing an admittedly moderately large quantity of cannabis into the country, and in her case no one got hurt and she didn’t lift a phone and wallet from the pocket of a dead or dying man.

Either Schappelle is the world’s unluckiest woman or Conner is the luckiest, or perhaps the respective bitter medicines they received is a combination of both, but the best advice that anyone could give the latter right now is to get her head down, arse up, keep her mouth closed, treat your jailers with respect, and simply resiles herself to the fact that she has do her lag, and then just do it.in the manner Weary and his mates once on a nearby island endured their incarceration in primitive prison camps under considerably more trying and brutal conditions.

You got out cheap guys, really cheap. Don’t f*ck it all up now.