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That’s how an eminent member of the judiciary – well actually, a bearded Stipendiary Magistrate – described this corruption busting website during a hearing in which the beak threw out yet another application for judgement in the ill-fated and totally misconceived defamation action the dead-child-sledger Dandy Andy McMicking is pursuing against the author of this website.

That’s strike three for Dandy and his hapless lawyer Huddo the Hardman who assaults elderly women (real name Paul Hudson; firm name Hudson Leighton but there is no Leighton, it’s the loser’s middle name), but McMicking is used to losing, having missed out on at least 3 ALP preselections that we are aware of, including the infamous internal Labor battle to be the party’s candidate in the council ward of Enoggera, during which Anna Bligh pointed the finger at the perennial bridesmaid McMicking as being the source of a CMC complaint about the victor Michael Dart.

McMicking of course denied the charge, just as he denied calling the little baby Leo that Sky News broadcaster Paul Murray and his wife sadly lost a ‘grub’. Denial appears to be the man’s stock in trade, but there’s no denying one thing and that is that the only grub in little Leo’s life story is Dandy Andy, and we’ll prove it if he and his lowlife legal adviser ever grow the balls to take the defamation matter to trial instead of trying to blindside us while we’re on mercy missions overseas, and don’t you worry about that.

Anyway, back to the third-rate blog that nobody reads crack, and while it wasn’t incumbent upon moi as the defendant to disabuse the beak of his mistaken notion – loose lips sink ships old Mum always said, adding that what they don’t know won’t hurt them, ‘they’ being any bugger on the opposite side –  I reckon  our old sparring partners The Australian have given us up on page 6 of today’s edition with their story about ‘Dig Your Own Grave ‘ Dave Stewart stepping aside from the CCC investigation into Minister Mark Bailey in favor of referring himself and his missus to the politically stacked crime and corruption fighting body instead, after we broke the exclusive news about Mrs Dig Your Own Grave’e company copping nearly $3/4 of a mil in government contracts since her old man was appointed Queensland’s public service chief a couple of years ago.

Now our story was bang on the money, as was our revelation that at least 200 grand worth of contracts were awarded without having gone to tender under a little used loophole that allows companies to be offered contracts directly under certain criteria; criteria which by our reckoning wouldn’t have applied to these particular contracts in a month of Sundays.Equally as accurate was the information we revealed about Bourke’s company – which was set up about the same time that Dig Your Own Grave became head of Projects Queensland a few years back – copping a couple of lucrative contracts at the time to consult to guess who?

Projects Queensland. Go figure.

It only gets worse for Dig Your Own Grave Dave though, because in what can only be described as a crazed attempt to deflect attention from the dubious award of the contracts, and to raise an early defence to the allegations we’ve raised about a giant conflict of interest, Dig Your Own Grave has told The Australian’s reporter Mickey McKenna – a fine investigative journalist if ever one was born – that:

I have consistently disclosed (my) wife’s employment and business dealings.

It would be perhaps a saving grace, except for one tiny, wee thing.

It ain’t true.

More to follow……