Squadron-Leader (ret.) Hedley Robert Thomas, Vietnam hero and great Australian (above), who recently flew up to the great airstrip in the sky, where he is presently sitting in the mess sipping a couple of coldies and swapping yarns with his mates.

The poor bugger’s son and namesake (below), a reasonable journalist who’s been sitting on his arse for far too long while doing the right thing and looking after his Dad, and after a proper grieving period needs to get back to what he’s good at, and it ain’t selling gas.

The seed doesn’t fall far from the tree does it? Either in looks or courage. Fly junior, fly!

Vale a great Australian, and welcome back another one.

Rest in Peace Airman Thomas, and may the afterlife be filled with friends, forebears and flight.

After all you’ve done for us you bloody deserve it.



Doubting Thomas senior had no doubts; you couldn’t in his occupation as a Vietnam-Era pilot and Squadron Commander in charge of a