kurtsssMartin Bormann

Luke Tucker (left) and an expertly modeled image of what – or more precisely who – he will look like at age 50 – Martin Bormann (right), a virulent bigot and persecutor of minorities whose son became a  Catholic priest

Now former – as of this morning – President of the University of Queensland branch of the LNP Kurt Tucker has been in the news for all the wrong reasons today after righteously proclaiming that if he had lived in the 1930’s he would have joined the Nazi Party because it was the gateway to political power in that era, and power’s his thing. Never mind mass murder, forced relocation of millions of innocent people, genocide, suppression of trade unions, the death of democracy or the persecution of minorities.

Power: in Kurt Tucker’s world view that’s what it’s all about.

Not that the young fascist doesn’t mind a bit of minority bashing. I guess it’s one of the perks of his imaginary job as the one-nutted Fuhrer’s right-hand man and handbag carrier.

“Marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others!” the young Berlin Brisbane-based wannabe jackboot wearer boomed to a Toowoomba newspaper last September in response to a study of opinions on same-sex marriage.

“Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people are …. provided a better standard of care in jails and prisons than their non-Indigenous counterparts!” the lover of Ayn Rand proclaimed in the online journal The Spectator the month before.

“When people come with a pro-life attitude it is not because they want to control people’s lives,” the pro-Aryan life supporter of dictatorship and member of Cherish Life (who apparently adore all lives except those lived by trade unionists, Jews, artists, gypsies, homosexuals, communists and any other opponent of Nazism) proclaimed just a few weeks ago. “It is not because they want to tell women what to do. It is not because they want to be nasty and ruin someone’s life.”

But they will anyway. Tell women what to do with their bodies that is. Just like the Catholic run Cherish Life – who are simply the re-badged right-wing former Bjelke-Petersen supporter group Right to Life – will stand outside termination clinics all day and hurl so called scientific and religiously inspired abuse at young pregnant girls, called them ‘murderers’ and ‘baby killers’ at a time when the teenager’s trauma levels are already through the roof. They’re kind, compassionate Christians these types like Tucker are, to be sure to be sure.

The gig’s up for the nazi-loving faux-fascist fool now though, at least in the medium term anyway, but my bet is that we will see him back., for the Tucker name takes you a long way in the LNP. and provided that the mere mention of his surname doesn’t ignite the passions of the dormant rump of the Santo Santoro faction Santo Santoro faction and cause it to erupt, anything’s possible for a young lad prepared to exploit nature’s rifts in a party without an M.O, that is girt by L’s and NP’s.