Let me tell you, what is good for Queensland is good for Australia ….. You can’t sit on a fence, a barbed wire fence at that, and have one ear to the ground ….. Don’t you worry about that Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen – Farmer, Premier, Peanut Growing Patriot

Queenslanders are reeling in shock this morning, and no darling it’s not Debbie Doing Driving Wind and Rain and the Whole East Coast Team Too, it’s those bloody southern skeptics from the red-tape mad monstrosity that communists and socialists call Canberra.

Sugar scum in your petrol tank doesn’t guillotine global warming they want us to believe, the weak-wristed bureaucratic bunglers? Bu;llsh*t! Of course it does! Bob bloody Katter says so you Stalinist loving limpets! And Bob knows! And so does Robbie, and Shane too!

Sweetened petrol saves the world!

Or minority Labor governments at least.

And if it costs a few bucks more, that’s because it’s bloody good for you and your gas-guzzler, and the earth too, and the moon and the stars and the planets and the whole goddamn universe as well.

Why the hell else would Paul McCartney write a bloody song about it you half-baked southern sons of statisticians and daughters of damn demographic detail loving public servants?

And jobs? You reckon ethanol doesn’t create jobs you ethereal cretins? What the hell do you think those Indians on their mobile phones behind the counter at the 7/11 petrol stations are doing yoou pea-brained professors? Working illegally on a student visa for sixpence for their great-uncle from Hyderabad half-removed or something?


Jobs, jobs, jobs they’re bloody everywhere;

Just look at the folk from Vanuatu cutting the cane;

Go on, stare – bloody jobs are everywhere!


Jobs, Petrol, Biofuel, Sugar, Ethanol, Vanuatuans, Climate Change Heroes. Global Warming Gutters, Ethanol – it’s everywhere! Mark my words Queenslanders, love is in the air! Everywhere!

Yes Bob. I love you too.

But what’s that bloody smell driver?


No I haven’t had a damn thing to eat.

Got any sugar cubes?