The cartoon above was published on the front page of the Louisville, Kentucky newspaper the Courier-Journal on the 1st of November 1900, two months before the Wide Brown Land that we know and love today as Australia was officially created by federating it’s colonies turned states into a nation.

The cartoon below was published a few days ago in our monopoly daily printed newspaper The Australian. Rupert Murdoch will probably sue me for publishing it without begging his permission first.

You see old Rupert’s none too happy about my concerted and determined resistance to the News Corp armada’s onslaught about the affront to civil rights and threat to civilisation posed by a hitherto little known and still much misunderstood few lines in 40-year-old piece of legislation that have, thanks to a vigorous, venal and vapid News Corp campaign, become world famous in the sunburnt country as 18C.

Well f*ck him. My little armed and unfunded side one and your limitless pocketed, star studded army of award winning writers lost mate. So stick it up arse Uncle Rupert and take it to the bank – it’s all about freedom of speech you see, you silly Septic Tank!

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