When you’ve been wading in a cesspool of sickos and writing about child-sex offenders not much tends to shock you anymore, but even I am sickened by the  the tip  passed across the newsroom desk this afternoon.

We have been told us that a middle-aged Brisbane male has been arrested by officers from Taskforce Argos and charged with child-sex offences. The man allegedly arrested is a member of an evangelical church, a one-time teacher and more recently a former school administrator.

None of that is any surprise; sadly it appears par for the course.

The thing that has shocked us is that the chap that we told has been charged if the founder and head of one of Queensland’s highest profile charities for children. A charity that has received millions of dollars in private donations – sources unknown – and over ten million dollars in funds from the State and Commonwealth Governments. A charity for sick children. Very sick children.

We wholeheartedly hope that this Jimmy Saville like tale is not true.

So too we imagine do a number of prominent figures in the LNP, who have close connections to the man allegedly charged.

Enough said for now. Watch this space.