bill whitlock

In 1955 Queensland gymnastics star William ‘Bill’ Whitelock was walking down the steps of City Hall on his hands.

During the same year he was using his hands to molest a 13 year old boy who he coached on and in the rings at the YMCA.

A few months after this picture was taken Whitlock was charged with sexually assaulting the boy, and early in 1957 was duly convicted of the crimes. It wasn’t a difficult decision for the judge because he pleaded guilty.

A decade later Whitelock was again charged with child sex offences – against four kids this time – and sent to prison.

Under the ridiculously lenient sentencing regime of that era he only served a few months before being release on parole on the condition that he have no contact with children,

Just months later he breached the court-imposed conditions of his release by sexually assaulting another young boy.

Each and every one of these offences were perpetrated against kids that Whitelock was coaching in the ancient art of gymnastics, but it was never intended to be of the horizontal kind.

Despite his numerous convictions for sexual abuses against various young men under his tutelage over a protracted period the Brisbane Anglican Grammar School – better known as Churchie – in 1989 employed the lifelong deviant as the coach of the boys school’s gymnastics squad.

Whitelock was not subjected to any conditions requiring him to be supervised and/or monitored while he was coaching young lycra-clad lads in the Churchie gym, and given such free reign and an unfettered licence to ill, Bill of course did it again.

Between 1990 and 1993 he stuck his horrible fingers up the bottoms of 10 and 11 year old boys, sucked the poor kids penises and then forced the flexible lads to do it to him in return.

Another decade later Bill Whitelock was jailed for 4 years for his crimes, but because pedophilia is traditionally treated by the courts as only slightly greater than a trifling crime the incorrigible child sex offender only served 14 months.

After his release, and while still serving the suspended portion of his sentence, Whitelock flagrantly breached his parole conditions by becoming the manager of a sports center frequented by young boys. Despite being found guilty of the crime, inexplicably he was not sent back to prison.

That’s all rather strange.

But here’s the stranger thing – during the entire period that Whitelock was abusing the pre-pubescent boys at Churchie his immediate employer was the School Council. And a Supreme Court Judge – a man with easy access to the court records, and the ability to check on the providence of the school’s staff – was a member of that council.

The Supreme Court Judge’s name?

Paul de Jersey.

Governer of Queensland Paul de Jersey.


There’s something even more odd.

Churchie may have been the pedophile Whitlock’s direct employer, but his ultimate employer was actually the school’s owner, the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. And guess which Supreme Court Judge was not only a member of the governing council of the Diocese, but also the personal legal adviser to the Archbishop who ran the whole show?

If you guessed Paul de Jersey you guessed correctly.

And who is the administrative head of the Queensland Courts and holds supreme authority over the allocation of court matters to judges? The person who in the end decides which Judge hears what case?

It of course the Chief Justice of Queensland.

Who was the Chief Justice at the time William Whitelock appeared before the court on a charge of breaching the conditions of his suspended sentence I hear you ask?

Why old chap, it was Paul de Jersey.

He’s the patron of Bravehearts you know.

Of course he is. Of course he bloody is.

All of life is 6/5 against, and some things simply never change.