It is the Scandal of the Century – But It Ain’t Over Yet – Don’t You Worry About That – First Published 24 March 2015


This is the transcript of the emergency call made to 000 by Donna Rice, the woman trapped in her car in a flash flood in Toowoomba in early 2011, with her 2 young sons in the back.



A much-loved partner and mum, she was simply doing what we all do, ferrying her kids around town and undertaking the usual boring domestic chores, when out of nowhere suddenly the floodwaters hit.

She sought assistance from the police, the people we trust to protect us. All Donna received was scorn, from a man who could and should have taken action to secure her safety, and perhaps preserve her life.

Instead, just 10 minutes after making the emergency call Donna Rice and her eldest son Jordan were dead.

The circumstances of their death, and what happened afterward, is a national scandal. In fact it is a global scandal, of the highest dimension.

A man and his child are suffering still.  Their lives have been ruined, and injustice continues to be rained down upon them like daggers shot from a dark horseman’s bow.

The truth must be told.

And it will.

Justice demands it.

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