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It has long been reported that Donna Rice – the woman who died a hero in the Toowoomba Floods in 2011 while attempting to save Jordan, her hero son – made  two emergency Triple O calls from her vehicle whilst trapped in flood waters at the corner of James and Kitchener Streets, Toowoomba in the half hour prior to she and her child being swept from their car by the raging waters to their death.

These reports of just two emergency calls made by Donna have been repeated in the brilliant series of stories written by Pamela Williams and published in The Australian over the past week.

The reports are only partially true.


The first section of the second emergency call made from the mobile phone have been for some reason suppressed by police.

Now for the first time we are able to reveal the details of that call, and show the actual time that is was made, which was 74 seconds prior to the time claimed by police.

74 seconds that just might have saved Jordan and Donna’s lives.

As you read it ask yourself this question about the police suppression of this vital information: why?

Why, why, why?