A police officer named Andrew Lowe has come to national prominence in recent days after a series of stories written by gun journalist Pamela Williams and published in The Australian revealed that Lowe had manipulated the police interviews of a child aged eleven named Blake Rice in order to present a false narrative that his mother Donna had deliberately driven into a flooded intersection at which she and her son Jordan died.

Williams investigation shows that Lowe had insisted on interviewing the 11-year-old without his father or any other adult present, and had proceeded to skew the statement of the exhausted child, whose mother and brother had died just days before, so that the police record of interview would create a clear inference that his mother was responsible for she and his brother’s deaths.

They were not, as has now been comprehensively proven, begging one simple question: why?

Why did Lowe take advantage of a grieving and shattered 11-year-old boy to create a story that he must have known or suspected was demonstrably untrue?

Why did the police have any interest other than the truth in investigating the question of whether or not the intersection was flooded when Donna Rice stopped at the traffic lights at the corner of Kitchener and James Streets, Toowoomba in the afternoon of 10 January 2011?

Why did it matter to the police whether it was flooded at the time or not?

Why were they even describing Donna as having entered an intersection when the evidence before them clearly showed that she had not?

Why did Acting Detective Sergeant Andrew Lowe present the following report about Jordan and Donna’s deaths to the Coroner when he knew it to be completely untrue?

Why did Lowe claim that Donna entered rising flood waters at 2.10pm when he knew from police records that she had made her first emergency call to the Police Communications centre almost half an hour earlier? And knew that the waters were not deep and rising when she pulled up at the entrance to the intersection that she at no time ever entered?

Why did he structure a report that effectively blamed an innocent woman for causing the death of her much-loved child?

What did the police have to hide?

Who were they covering up for?

For the first time we are able to reveal the false depiction of events that Acting Detective Sergeant presented in his report to the Coroner.

Why did he do it?

Why, why, why?