Since out tipster-in-chief Edgar Britt took his last and galloped off to the grand old racetrack in the sky we’ve been bereft of late mail for the weekend mug punters, but the long drought is finally over, because Handbrake Harry Butler has come to the rescue.

Handbrake’s been following the ponies since he was pint-sized, and grew up on the punt at the dirt track in Gympie where his old man was a bookie and the young handbrake used to pick up and cash in bottles to build a bank for the punt.

As a teen he moved on to Eagle Farm – back in the days when it still had a racetrack – and for a few glorious years Handbrake terrorised the bookmaker’s ring until one day the the rotten bag-wielding sods, bitter at being savaged every Saturday by a fourteen year old Butler, sicked the racecourse detectives on him for under-age investing and the traps ran him off the course.

Undeterred, Harry bought a set of stick on sideburns and a false mustache and relocated his money spinning pastime to the Rocklea Trots. He killed them there too, so much so that over a decade the bookies one by one jumped ship until one day there were none left at all and they had to shut the joint down.

Handbrake had become a victim of his own success, and deciding what the crook makers didn’t know couldn’t hurt them he ducked his head down out of sight and launched an online assault on the corporate bookmakers. He took them to town too, making a killing over the last ten years until he decided that twenty million in the bank was more than enough for any single man and retired from the serious punt to kick back and enjoy his giant sized bag of punt-won booty.

His retirement lasted about a week until he became bored – well, six days to be exact – and the temptation to return to minting money by fleecing satchel-swinging sheep was strong, but post-retirement Handbrake had promised his Mum that he wouldn’t put more than ten thousand through his various turf investment accounts on a Saturday, and betting in such small amounts bored him too.

So Handbrake hit on the idea of sharing his talents with the world, and thought what better avenue was there you share his astute punting brilliance with the mugs than to hook up with Australia’s greatest unsung journalistic hero, your truly Mr Archibald Jeebung Butterfly esquire.

So he offered us his services to replace old Edgar, and we said yes, and here he is above, and underneath are his tips for the weekend.

Good luck and have a winning day.


Race 1 – Number 4 – Judelly

Race 2 –  Number 6 – Overberg


Race 4 – Number 2 – Moonlight Choice

Race 6  – Number 16 – Katsuro

Race 9 – Number 9 – Curragh


Race 3 – Number 4 – Time to Test


Curragh – Melbourne Race 9 – Number 9