The photograph above was taken by a member of the public on 10 January 2011, and entered unchallenged into evidence at the first Floods Commission of Inquiry.

The image is one of Donna Rice’s car stuck in flood waters.

It is accepted fact that Donna reached the intersection at 1.40 pm at the latest.

Her children Jordan and Blake are with her inside the vehicle. They are my mate John Tyson’s sons. Only one of them will live to tell their tale of what happened on that terrible day, and the 11 year old survivor Blake’s tale will subsequently be skewed and manipulated in ways almost beyond belief.


The map above shows the location of the intersection at which Donna Rice’s car was stalled at 1.40 pm on 10 January 2011, and the place that it soon after became engulfed by a raging torrent that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and was swept away.

The images below are screenshots of a PowerPoint presentation tendered to the State Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths of Jordan and Donna Rice by Task Force Galaxy, a crack squad of 11 experienced Queensland Police Service officers specially formed to investigate the events during the January 2011 floods.

The images show the movements of police vehicles on the day that Donna and Jordan Rice died, and have been time-marked by Task Force Galaxy.

‘Available Units’ (blue) means ready for, or traveling to, a job.

‘Unit off job’ means arrived at and conducting a job, on a break or finished work, unit disabled due to breakdown, or otherwise not available to take a job from police control.


Look at unit 269 and keep your eyes on it.

Donna Rice and her kids are stalled in rising water.

Unit 269 is available for jobs, and coming up the Warrego Highway and over the range.


In less than 3 minutes Donna Rice will make an emergency Triple 0 call for assistance.

Unit 269 is is about to turn right from the Warrego Highway and into James Street.

The highway and the street are one and the same stretch of road. The name simply changes as the highway enters the city, much the same as the Bruce Highway becomes Gympie Road as it enters Brisbane.

Keep your eyes on unit 269.


Donna Rice has called Triple 0 and her call has been rebuffed by the uncaring Senior-Constable John Wheeler.

Wheeler records on his log that people are believed deceased, but assesses the matter as the lowest police priority.


Unit 269 has driven directly through the intersection while Donna Rice was on the phone to Wheeler.

The unit could not have failed to see that her vehicle was trapped, and that the water was rapidly rising.

Despite having no current job to attend to Unit 269 did not stop to assist Donna and her 2 young children.

Instead it just drove on by.