The hot mail is that in the coming days Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, whose 2 year fixed term contract of employment is not due to expire until the end of October, will be gifted a new long term tenure in office.

Our tip is that Stewart’s reappointment is being fast tracked by the Government so that it can be signed, stamped, sealed and delivered before one or more of the numerous controversies bubbling on the thin blue line boiler explode and burn the Commissioner’s contract to pieces.

Why is the ALP Government so eager to reappoint a deeply unpopular Police Commissioner who has close ties to the LNP?

So close in fact that some in the political game claim that Stewart was sighted delivering lunches to Liberal booths during the 2011 Can Do a Landslide election.

There are some who even say that at one stage the Commissioner was close to and a promoter of Eddie Andrews, the conman whose career as a fraudster and fiend was brought to a screeching halt after our investigative team outed the criminal activities of the man we dubbed Fast Eddie in a series of stories published on this website.

Set that aside though and take a quick sweep of the current police landscape.

What have we got?

Fiddled crime figures.

Flood cover-ups.

Serious assaults on civilians in police stations and on the street.

Near riotous dissent in the ranks

Whacked whistle blowers like Rick Flori.

All this and more, bubbling away like a thermal geyser and ready to blow.

If the Government were serious about stopping crime they’d dead set sack Stewart not reappoint him wouldn’t they?

This is Queensland though, and life’s great in the Sunshine State.


So don’t worry sportsfans, she’ll be apples, and if she won’t she’ll be bananas, or mangoes, or pineapples, or rotten stinking eggs or something that turns to slush under a mildly hot glare.

Whatever it is the Commissioner will fix it, and if he can’t he will get one of his underlings to dodge up the figures to make it look like he has.

We’re in safe hands with Stewy steering the good ship Copper.

Don’t you worry about that.