On the 20th of February 2011 Edward Robert William ‘Eddy’ Spark makes a police statement detailing where he was on the 10th of January 2011, and what he was doing during the day.

This is the first part of his statement.

Eddy says that at 10.00 am he left the house of his mate John Wheeler and walked into town with his mates Kit Mason, Helen Wheeler and Joshua Quinn.

John Wheeler – who coincidentally (or not) has the same surname as the bloke who took and rebuffed Donna Rice’s Triple 0 call for help that day, and is the right age to be the police officer’s son or nephew – doesn’t walk in with his mates.

There’s a good reason for that. I’ll tell you about it in a minute.


So that’s the start of Eddy’s day.

Run of the mill for a local layabout I suspect.

But a few hours of later it all turned to custard when Eddy got trapped in a torrent and had to hang on to a tree until the Swift Water Rescue Team came to save him.

Apparently the Assistant Commissioner of Police had called them, although that is a matter in dispute. We’ll look closer at it later, but for now let’s take a look at the sketch Eddy made and attached to his statement on the 20th of February.

It shows where the mates that he walked into town were at the time that Eddy became stuck to the tree, and it’s bloody accurate too.

Look at the sketch and look at the still shot tof Eddy’s rescue that was filmed by a bystander and posted to YouTube.


Just as Eddy sketched, that’s Helen Wheeler, Kit Mason (whose real name is Kitiara Lee-Anne Mason-Neumann) and Joshua Quinn there at the bus stop.


If you are not sure whether to believe me have a look at the young folk’s Facebook pages and cross-check their pictures.

Kit Mason

Helen Wheeler

Joshua Quinn

That’s them all right.

Edward Spark’s first statement has kicked off with the truth.

Unfortunately you can’t say the same about his second revises, altered, and totally contradictory police statement,


Have you noticed something quite obvious?

Kit Mason, Helen Wheeler and Joshua Quinn – who are there later at the bus stop for all to see – have vanished in this new statement Eddy Spark has made, or been induced to make, to the police.



Now all of a sudden John Wheeler – the bloke who bears the same surname as the copper who ignored Donna Rice’s cry for help, and is the right age to be his son or nephew – goes to town with Eddy.

They drive, not walk; and they leave at 10.30 am rather than 10.00 am as described in Eddy’s first police statement.

There’s a slight problem however.

John Wheeler is appearing in court on that particular day, and is required to be in attendance from 9.00 am.


The matter he is appearing on has resulted in his driver’s licence being suspended, and that day in court he will be disqualified absolutely from driving for three months.

Eddy Spark doesn’t have a driver’s licence.

So who drove?

Why has Eddy Spark in the space of 5 weeks provided two statements that clash so violently in their detail?

Why did Eddy Spark make a second statement at all?

Who cares?

Not Alan MacSporran’s deputy Jeffery Rolls, or ‘super cop’ Mark Ainsworth, or former legal aid hack Cate Holmes, or Elizabeth Wilson QC, or anyone else at the Floods Commission, that’s for sure.


Somehow the Chairman of the Crime and Corruption Committee and his deputy, the Police Medal winning chief investigator for the CCC, the Chief Justice of Queensland, and an eminent QC have all missed the fact that witness Eddy Spark has provided 2 diametrically opposing statements about the same event.

On any rational analysis both statements cannot possibly be true, but no-one utters a word about the glaring anomalies in what Eddy has sworn happened, and after Counsel Assisting the Commissioner gently steers him through what can only be described as a feeble attempt at an examination no-one seeks to ask Spark a single question.

Are the legal eagles all f*cking brain dead morons?

Or is the fix in?

I know which horse I’d back, and its name is not Mistake.