Yesterday we told you what the Child Abuse Royal Commission couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Kevin John Lynch – the school teacher and student counselor who abused hundreds of young students in his care and is one the most prolific pedophiles in recorded Australian history  – was sacked as a teacher in 1958 for indecent dealing with a student.

Despite his summary dismissal from his employment as a teacher by the NSW Education Department the life-long pervert was able to return to the teaching ranks just a couple of years later when he gained employment at Edmund Rice College in Wollongong NSW.

Edmund Rice College was opened in 1926 and until 1962 was known as the Christian Brothers College (CBC). For the first 36 years of its existence the school was owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, but in late 1958 ownership of the land and buildings were gifted by the church to the Congregation of Christian Brothers, who assumed full control of the operations of the school.


From that moment on it is becoming increasingly apparent that mass-scale sexual abuses of children began, and were to continue unchecked or abated for the next 50 years. Stephen Jones, a former student at the school and now a Member of the NSW Parliament, has spoken extensively about the wholesale sexual abuses that occurred at the school during the 1970’s, and late last year in a Parliamentary speech described the school as ‘a dumping ground for sex offenders’, and stating it is known ‘Brothers … were moved from other schools in Sydney after complaints and allegations of child sexual abuse.


Kevin John Lynch, sacked and disgraced teacher, joined the staff of the school just one year after the Christian Brothers assumed ownership and full control.

It is believed that he also became a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers at this time, however while Lynch’s membership of the order has been widely accepted by the media and by the Child Abuse Royal Commission, no proof has ever been presented of Lynch’s membership of the order, and the revelations of recent days cast doubt upon whether the claims of Lynch to have been a brother are in fact true.

In either event Lynch, like the plethora of his fellow child sex-abusers who taught at the school, willfully elected to ignore the Christian Brothers vow of chastity, just as he and the others failed to follow the order’s mission of educating children, unless of course teaching them the finer art of raping minors was on the school curriculum.

In 1968 Lynch transferred to or was sent by the order to St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, a Christian Brothers owned and operated school in Queensland. At the time a number of now known pedophiles were working at the school, including Brother Charles Lorenzo Dillon, who was later to become the deputy headmaster of the school, and Brother Damian O’Dempsey, whose older sibling Vincent O’Dempsey is at this moment seated in the dock of Brisbane’s Supreme Court facing trial on charges of triple murder.

A boy named Matthew ‘Matt’ Foley was a student at St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace at the same time, and became close to his teacher Kevin Lynch, so close in fact that Foley was in 1997 to give one of the three eulogies at Lynch’s funeral, held after the pedophile committed suicide the same day that he was charged with multiple counts of abuses of students at St Paul’s School.

It is widely believed that Lynch, an active member of the ALP and at one time a member of the party’s Education Policy Committee, had encouraged Foley to join the Labor Party and purse a parliamentary career, just as later in his career he was to encourage a student at St Paul’s School named Steven Miles to do the same. Miles is the present Environment Minister in Queensland’s Labor-led Government.

At the time he gave his glowing eulogy Foley was a member of Queensland Parliament and the opposition shadow Attorney-General. From 1992-1996 Foley had held the ministry of Attorney-General in the ALP government led by Wayne Goss, and resumed the office when Labor regained government in 1998, remaining Attorney-General until 2001. In this role Foley was the Minister responsible for the selecting and appointing new judges, magistrates and other members of the State’s judiciary.

Kevin John Lynch’s summary dismissal from the teaching service was effected by the then NSW Premier Joseph Cahill pursuant to Section 61 (1) of the Public Service Act (NSW) 1902.

The relevant section of that Act is the document reprinted below.


A search conducted of the NSW bankruptcy records reveals no record of any person named Kevin John Lynch or Kevin Lynch being declared bankrupt in the years of either 1957 or 1958.

Kevin John Lynch would go on to perpetrate hundreds of known sexual attacks on Brisbane schoolboys, although the true number of his victims is likely to be in the thousands – many victims remain silent; Lynch was known to troll the Brisbane streets at night seeking homeless youth to feed his depraved lusts; and the monster was a board member of the Endeavour Foundation, giving him unfettered access to victims unable to tell their stories.

The trail of ruin Lynch left behind is a horror story. Broken lives, failed marriages, addictions, sexual dysfunction, insanity, institutionalization –  in some cases for a lifetime –  violence, armed attacks on police officers, the list goes on. At the latest count at least 20 of his victims have taken their own lives, almost certainly and without exception as a consequence of the physical and psychological damage caused by his attacks.

It all could have been prevented. None of the attacks should ever have been allowed to take place. The pedophile should never have been teaching at all.

Kevin John Lynch was dismissed under Section 61(1) of the Public Service Act.

Kevin John Lynch had been convicted of a felony or other infamous offence.

Kevin John Lynch was not a thief. He was a pedophile.

In 1958 Kevin John Lynch had been convicted of an offence against children.

Yet for reasons that I am totally at a loss to explain, until now nobody has ever told you this immutable and utterly soul-destroying truth..

The Royal Commission did not properly examine Lynch’s employment background.

Lynch’s criminal history was never checked.

The Christian Brothers were not called to give evidence about his membership of the Brotherhood, or about his employment with them.

No-one from St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, Lynch’s immediate employer before his known abuses commenced at Brisbane Grammar, was called to give evidence.

The Gregory Terrace school was not the subject of a Royal Commission Case Study, despite the fact that at least three, and likely more, pedophiles worked there at the same time as the monster Kevin Lynch.

The Royal Commission has failed us utterly.

Head must roll.