Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Education Minister Simon Birmingham, 

We the co-signed urge you to implement as soon as possible a national anti-bullying, anti-violence program in schools across Australia that targets bullying in all its forms.

We understand and accept that programs implemented in recent history, such as Safe Schools, have become highly politicised and controversial. We wish not for controversy but for a program with a goal that everyone can agree on: an end to bullying and domestic violence in Australia.

As ambitious a goal that might sound, we believe that it can be achieved by way of a national program which aims to prevent violence and bullying not only in schools, but later on in a child’s adult life…..


Make no mistake of our request: we do not seek a program that seeks approval of the way certain members of our society live. We seek only mutual respect and tolerance.

Make no mistake, we don’t ask Australians to say it’s okay for gay people to enjoy the same approval that straight people receive.

We just don’t want the poofters to be bullied.

You would have to be kidding wouldn’t you?

‘Look Massa, you don’t need to set the sambos free. But please sah, just be civil to dem damn niggers’

That in effect is what this alliance of former soapie stars, second rate singers, reality TV contestants and non-mirth inducing comedians are saying.

Other than the fact that I’m not, and some of you may not be either, what’s wrong with being gay?

Does the way other law-abiding people live their life affect you? Is your lifestyle really in any way damaged by the fact that the loving couple next door may be of the same gender? Is the son or daughter of yours who just may tell you in the morning that they are gay any less of a loved son or daughter, or any less of a person? Should their rights be trampled on but tolerated, or should they be treated just the same as they were the night before the morning that they came out?

How the hell can you have tolerance without equal rights?

What are you really tolerating?

Think about it.

What the hell is wrong with these people?