Some poor deluded souls – who are probably ex-Churchie students still in denial decades later about the real reason why Harry Roberts used to supervise them swimming in the school pool starkers – have apparently accused Archie of fabricating yesterday’s story about the serendipitous 1954 meeting in Longreach between Geoffrey Luck, the man who claims that his former headmaster Mr Roberts was a saint, and Dr Freddie Whitehouse, the bare rocks man who knew innately that there ain’t no saints alive who watch bald-balled boys backstroking in the buff.

Now these former Churchie mincers turned old men led by Luck and his mate Tony ‘Modicus’ Morris are an odd crowd that’s for sure, but although they are mendacious maulers of history and the truth who like to attack the balls not the men I never really pegged them as stupid. It appears that I was wrong though for the word on High Anglican Street is that they and others of their ilk are whispering words to the effect that Archie’s a faker and a fraud.

Seriously sportsfans, given that the dynamic duo of skinny-dipping dodos assiduously follow our every word under false names, you think they would know better.

Archie doesn’t lie.

It’s one of my great failings in fact this mad desire to tell the truth, and its been the cause of many a falling out with faux mates who expect me to know they’ve been up to mischief and stay shtum about it and keep it all to myself. Bugger that for a bloody joke, I hid my childhood sexual abuse for decades – from my wife, the world and even myself – and I ain’t shutting up about a single thing that I reckon is crook ever again or anymore.

You see one of differences between the Luck and Morris’s of the world and me is that when I make claims about conducting extensive research I’m making them because they are true, not because I want to create a false narrative to defend dead men who should have been been put in prison when they were alive because they knowingly allowed boys to be sexually abused and threatened them if they dared to talk about it, or because I want to build a monument to their indecency and depravity.

The other difference is that when I say I have evidence it means that I do, not that I’m just telling a tale I want to convince my readers to believe. And unlike Geoffrey Luck and his God-fearing gang I’m prepared to put it on the table.

So here it is.

Let’s see what you have boys.