Bill Shorten backed the NSW motion and shared a joke with Queensland Labor MP Graham Perrett in last night’s caucus ­meeting after being asked whether the former Labor leader’s ­picture should be removed from the wall.

“Both he (Mr Latham) and Billy Hughes will be there as a reminder,” Mr Shorten said in a reference to Mr Hughes’ famous decision to quit the Labor Party because of a row over conscription in World War One.

Here’s a reminder for you Puffing Billy Shorten,

Billy Hughes was expelled from the Australian Labor Party in September 1916.

He was at the time the Prime Minister, and was outed from the party after losing the numbers game in an internecine war over conscription with the deeply corrupt Catholic Archbishop Daniel Mannix, the patron of the even more deeply corrupt John Wren of Power and Glory fame, a crooked underworld figure in a suit and tie who funneled millions of ill-gotten dollars in bribes into the coffers of the ALP and the Catholic Church.

Hughes remained the was the Prime Minister of Australia until March 1923, teaching those alert enough to learn from history that being a member of the Labor Party is not necessarily the only pathway to the heaven imagined by those who enter the House of Broken Dreams and immediately assume that they have suddenly become superior beings to the average Australian.

Puffing Billy has never been the PM, and the hubris he has displayed in his smart-arse comparison between Hughes and Latham, coupled with the appalling ignorance of political history he has displayed by his comments, mean that he probably never will be.

Mark Latham is not every sportsfans cup of tea, but in a world in which punters are growing weary of party politics he is both Labor and Liberal’s worst nightmare, and an absolute certainty to gain the 14.3% of the popular vote required to enter the Upper House and start throwing bombs at everyone around.

In fact he is an absolute lay down certainty, so much of a good thing that  if you can get a price you should run straight down to the bank to hock the house and throw every cent in your pocket on Latham to be sporting the title Senator about ten minutes after the ballot boxes close in the next Federal Election.

Only a wildly out of touch fool would attempt to fight Latham on populist and wildly popular in suburban and rural voter land issues line Islamic immigration, political correctness or perceived bias in the family laws, but Shorten is the epitome of the out of touch fool and simply won’t be able to help himself given the long history of animosity between he and Latham, who regards him as no better than a jelly-backed dingo with 3 legs and stump for a tail.

So strap yourself in, sit firmly back in your seat and don’t take your eyes off the screen because the Laughing Latham v Puffing Billy show is about to begin, and it won’t end until one of the punchy pugilists is knocked out and lying bleeding on the floor.

My bet is that it won’t be Latham.

Magnificent Malcolm must be rubbing his hands and laughing with glee.